Plot: Maharani Kottai is the film performed by Richard and Honey Prince as hero and the heroine. Hope everyone knows that Richard is the elder brother of act

Maharani Kottai Movie Review

Maharani Kottai Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Maharani Kottai"
Runtime: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 10-07-2015
Genre: Thriller
1.5 / 5.0


Maharani Kottai Click to look into! >> Read More... Maharani Kottai is the film performed by Richard and Honey Prince as hero and the heroine. Hope everyone knows that Richard is the elder brother of actress Shalini Ajith. This film has Senthil, Shankar Ganesh Shankar Ganesh is an on-screen Indian Actor who wo >> Read More... Shankar Ganesh , Mercury Sathya Mercury Sathya is an Indian producer who is known >> Read More... Mercury Sathya , Kumki Ashwin, Kanja Karuppu, Power Star Srinivasan, Sam Anderson, Vaiyapuri and Bonda Mani Bonda Mani, is one among the popular comedians in >> Read More... Bonda Mani . There is a big and strong crew in this movie, which is supposed to entertain the viewers.

Maharani Kottai is a horror movie with a mix of comedy. Richard purchases an old bungalow called Maharani Kottai from its previous owner Shankar Ganesh. It is said that there are some mysterious creatures roam in the bungalow. In spite of the warning from the people around him, he buys the bungalow for a thrill. Richard and his friends enjoy their time in the bungalow along with their new girlfriend. Shankar Ganesh resides in the bungalow, though he had sold out the house to Richard. Senthil and Shankar Ganesh advise the boys not to be playful and there is some ghost residing in the bungalow. But these guys do not take their advice seriously. All of a sudden, Richard’s friends start dying one after the other. People around them start telling him that that due to the presence of the ghosts in the bungalow, his friends lost their lives. But Richard does not accept it and he starts to spy around the bungalow. When he finds the reason of his friend’s death, he gets shocked. Shankar Ganesh, Senthil and Benjamin are finally charged. But the film has a comedy ending. There are serious scenes, which makes the viewers giggle and the comedy scene which tends to be serious is something new to the cinema.

Though there are comedy scenes, it does not create the humorous impact. Richard has no serious work in this film except fighting and the duets with the heroine. The climax of the film says that there is nothing called ghost in this world. Maharani Kottai is a no comedy and no performance and a low profiled movie.