Anybody who hasn't heard of Pa Ranjith's Kabali with 'Rajinikanth' must be living in another universe. Kabali is Pa Ranjith's third movie as

Kabali Movie Review

Kabali Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Kabali"
Runtime: 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 22-07-2016
Genre: Action, Drama, Crime
3 / 5.0

Anybody who hasn't heard of Pa Ranjith's Kabali with ' Rajinikanth 'Rajinikanth' is the name that is known in >> Read More... Rajinikanth ' must be living in another universe. Kabali is Pa Ranjith's third movie as a director. Plot The movie's focus is on the oppression of the migrant Indians, especially the Tamil, in Malaysia. The drama opens with Kabaleeswaran (Rajinikanth) being released out of prison after decades for fighting for the Tamil.

When he comes out, he's saddened by the way his compatriots are treated and brought into illegal activities by Gang 43 that is headed by don Tony Lee ( Winston Chao Winston, born on 19th June 1960 is an actor. Winst >> Read More... Winston Chao ). To fix this, he takes over his gang and works with them to overpower Gang 43 and put an end to them. But are his attempts too late? Where have his wife Kumudhavalli ( Radhika Apte Radhika Apte, an Indian actress was born on Sept 7 >> Read More... Radhika Apte ) and his darling daughter Yogi (Dhanshika) gone?

Analysis: The movie has a rather slow narration and seems lagging at places. The beginning is amazing because of Thalaivar's entry itself, and that keeps you interested for some time. When the real story begins, it's patchy and too slow at times, only Rajinikanth and certain other supporting roles saving the scene with their skills. There are a few emotional scenes that will melt your heart, and some of the action will have you cheering loudly. Of course, the movie will fare well, and only because of the superstar. What's disheartening is that as we all know that he is capable of doing much more.

Star Performances: The first mention, of course, goes out to Rajinikanth for his electrifying acting, his steps, and just his presence. Radhika Apte is apt to play his wife and daughter Dhanshika adds to the glamor on screen. Director Pa Ranjith has done better movies before, and we expected more from him. Santhosh Narayanan directed five songs for the movie - Ulagam Oruvanukka, Maya Nadhi, Veera Thurandhara, Vaanam Paarthen, and Neruppu Da - all of which have received critical acclaim, and especially Neruppu Da, which has been topping charts since its release. The cinematography by Murali is spot on, and editing by Praveen K.L is superb. The movie has been dubbed and released in Malay (the first Tamil movie to ever do so), Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam.

What's there?

1. Although Rajinikanth is seen as his actual age in the movie, he looks younger than his years at some scenes, and this really brings nostalgia to viewers who've watched his every movie.

2. The beauty of Malaysia and the contrasting plight of Tamilians is captured very well on camera by the cinematographer G. Murali.

What's not there?

1. A huge part of the movie is very disappointing and looks like it's been done by an amateur. Not at all something one would expect from Ranjith.

2. The screenplay isn't up to the mark and doesn't have the usual Ranjith or Rajinikanth standard.

Verdict: For a Rajinikanth fan, it's an absolute feast, with his slow motion scenes and well-delivered dialogues. For anybody else who just wants a good movie, this might not leave you completely satisfied.