Plot nbsp Debutante director Sanjeev has cast Vikranth in a superscript-oriented film which can be considered as a launch pad vehicle for actor Vikrant Criti

Thakka Thakka Movie Review

Thakka Thakka Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Thakka Thakka"
Runtime: 2 Hours 22 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 28-08-2015
Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Plot: Debutante director Sanjeev has cast Vikranth in a superscript-oriented film, which can be considered as a launch pad vehicle for actor Vikrant. Critics feel that, Vikranth will simply win the heart of the viewers! Other actors too, lend a helping hand to the narration of the film. Some finest performances from the supporting cast in the movie, includes Arul Doss Arul Doss is a popular cinematographer cum actor i >> Read More... , Abhinaya and Rahul Venkat Rahul Venkat, a detached cousin of actor cum polit >> Read More... . They keep a good space and don’t bring any dull moment in the progress of the film.

The story takes shape in backdrop of Sathya’s mother, who leads a life of a prostitute, gives birth to Sathya (Vikranth). Arul Doss forces Sathya’s mother into prostitution. After his mother’s death, he leaves for Chennai like an orphan and work as a fast food employee. Here in Chennai, he meets the man, who was responsible for his mother’s death and the plot thickens up with vengeance drama.

Vikranth looks refreshing as an action and even as a romantic hero in the lead role. His approach in fight sequences are very impressive and make us feel he is the new action hero. Abhinaya shines with a neat performance with her next-door girl image and equally feels ease with her role. But it is Arul Doss, who really steals the show with his captivating performance.

Thaakka Thaakka’s music finds place within the script. Even the songs and dance sequences are really refreshing. The screenplay and editing part of some sequences makes us feel that Sanjeev has done a good job in story-telling and the whole technical team has made finest impression in the film, especially the cinematography part of it. The music composition by Jakes Bejoy Jakes Bejoy is a film score composer who was born >> Read More... is very much demanding with the script.