Yesteryear legend Goundamani is making a coming and that 39 s all I wanted to give this movie my time I was way too excited to see this film which is a combi

49 O Movie Review

49 O Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " 49 O"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 17-09-2015
Genre: Drama, Comedy
2.5 / 5.0

Yesteryear legend Goundamani is making a coming and that's all I wanted to give this movie my time. I was way too excited to see this film, which is a combination of farmer situation in India and a bit of political satire added into it with a heavy dose of trademark Goundamani counter dialogues. First, I’am surprised to see that Goudamani's timing and body language has not changed even one bit. He is super energetic and can easily give the current comedians a run for their money. He can fit into those Village Mama or Chittapa of the hero/heroine and survive for few more years. But I was not very convinced about this full fledged hero character in 49 ‘ O’. Thank god he didn’t have a heroine and a duet song, that was the last thing I wanted. But it had 3 preachy songs that gave me a headache.

The movie is about the current situation in Tamil Nadu. Farmers sell their agricultural lands to real estate promoters and end up losing everything. How politics play a major role in this is clearly shown in the movie. Somewhere down the line, the film became way too preachy and made an attempt to bring in a revolution, but failed to connect with the audience.

Regarding the script and screenplay, I should appreciate the director for picking up an untouched social issue and make a movie. But what started as a social issue, became a political satire and then it ended up being none. The director must have either made a preachy movie, which no one would have watched in that case or make a comedy movie, which makes sense when you have Goundmani in the film. The script lacked clarity and post interval the film became a bore. How long can Goundamani sustain and keep the audience entertained? Definitely not for 2 hours. Other technical departments worked just fine.

There were satirical scenes on how real estate promoters make their ads, how politicians do their election campaigns, how votes are sold in rural areas, etc. The film was fun in bits and pieces, but overall, it lacked an emotional connect. Scenes involving Motta Rajendran were a laugh riot. Overall, 49 ‘O’ is a decent comeback for Goundamani, but I wish he could stick to comedy characters alone.