ldquo Lilli rdquo is a revenge thriller movie scripted and directed by Prasobh Vijayan The movie is produced by Mukesh R Mehta and CV Sarathi under the banne

Lilli Movie Review

Lilli Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Lilli"
Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 28-09-2018
Genre: Thriller, Drama
3.5 / 5.0



Lilli” is a revenge thriller movie scripted and directed by Prasobh Vijayan. The movie is produced by Mukesh R Mehta and CV Sarathi under the banner E4 Experiments. The music composition is by Sushin Shyam and the cinematography is by Sreeraj Raveendran and editing is by Appu Bhattathiri. The titular role is played by Samyuktha Menon. The movie has the star cast of Aaryan Krishna Menon, Kannan Nayar, Dhanesh Anand, Sajin Cherukayil, Kevin Jose, Navajith Narayan, Nitish Ramesh, Kumari Swetha Sumesh, Archana Vasudev, Athulya Nair, Master Mathai Renjith, Jayashankar Ramaswamy and Sooraj Ramakrishnan.


Lilli is a pregnant lady and her delivery is just two weeks ahead. She receives a phone call at night and the person who speaks with her at the next end says that her husband had met an accident and asks her to come out to a place. Without analyzing the truth, Lilli steps out of the door. As planned, she is trapped by three people and kidnapped. They wanted her to reveal the whereabouts of a girl. Who is that girl? What happened to Lilli? Why she is kidnapped? Watch the movie in theatres.

Star Performance

Samyuktha Menon had given an excellent performance. She had emoted beautifully. All the expressions flow easily for Samyuktha and she wins the hearts of the audiences.


The director has brought an exciting subject and the role played by Samyuktha had been designed exceptionally well. It is equal to the character done by Anushka Sharma in “NH10.” The technical values are excellent and they had made the movie impressive with the cinematography and editing. The BGM gels well with the script and makes the audiences get into the script.

What's There?

  • Performance of Samyuktha Menon is excellent
  • The director narrated the story interestingly
  • Technically the movie is sound

What's Not There?

  • Except for a couple of scenes, nothing is negative


The emotional thriller impresses the audiences with the performance of the stars and the narration by the director. If you are a thriller movie enthusiast, you might like this movie for Samyuktha. Lilli - watchable once!