Bhaskar The Rascal is a directorial venture by Siddique and the movie hit the screens in 2015 Siddique is also the writer of the movie It is produced by Anto

Bhaskar The Rascal Movie Review

Bhaskar The Rascal Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Bhaskar The Rascal"
Runtime: 2 Hours 33 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 15-04-2015
Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy
3.5 / 5.0

Bhaskar The Rascal is a directorial venture by Siddique, and the movie hit the screens in 2015. Siddique is also the writer of the movie. It is produced by Anto Joseph, and Deepak Dev has composed its music.


Bhaskar Pillai has worked hard to build his business. He is the father of a son, Aadhi. Bhaskar’s wife had died a few years ago. Bhaskar is short tempered and gets angry when something goes wrong. Hima, mother of Shivani is also a single parent and is dating Sanjay. Shivani and Aadhi study in the same school and discuss childishly their parents getting married. One day, some thugs misbehave with Hima while she was going out with Sanjay and in the struggle, Sanjay gets shot. Shivani and Aadhi on the other hand, asks their parents to get married. Hima's and Bhaskar's family agrees on this after a long discussion. Sanjay suddenly appears on the day of the marriage telling Hima that he didn't die, and he is a killer by profession, but he loves her. The story goes on with marriage being postponed and Hima going to Gujarat with Sanjay and her friend Mamitha. To see what happens next, go and watch the movie.


Siddique has presented the audience with a masala entertainer again. Although the movie entertains in the audience, it seems predictable in the second half. Also, the climax needed improvement as it has been shot in a traditional style and bores the audience. The cinematography has been average. Mammootty has carried most of the movie on his shoulders and is the soul of the movie. It has freshness in its story, and the audience can sit back in their chairs and enjoy.

Star performances-

Mammootty is a big name in the industry, and he has proved himself again with this movie. Nayanthara looks pretty in the film and has impressed the audience. J.D. Chakravarthy has an important role in the movie, but he fails to attract the crowd and presents himself as a villain. Sanoop and Anikha have added the innocence and looked adorable in whatever they do. Siddique has presented the movie just good enough to entertain the crowd. Deepak Dev has let down with his music. Vijay Ulaganath however, has captured beautiful visuals.

What's there-

1) The movie has a fresh story and is inspirational in the context of Bhaskar. His hardships and determination can inspire anyone.

2) The movie has everything; from action to comedy to entertain an audience.

What's not there-

1) The movie is quite predictable, and the audience can easily predict what would happen in the next scene.


The movie has many elements to entertain the audience, and you can give it a shot.