Mili is a 2015 Malayalam female oriented film directed by Rajesh Raman Pillai Mahesh Narayanan has written it Avinash Unnithan and Satish B Satish have produ

Mili Movie Review

Mili Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Review for the film " Mili"
Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 23-01-2015
Genre: Comedy Drama
2 / 5.0



Mili is a 2015 Malayalam female oriented film directed by Rajesh Raman Pillai. Mahesh Narayanan has written it. Avinash Unnithan and Satish B. Satish have produced it under Ordinary Films banner.


Mili is an ambitious girl and wants to follow her dreams, but the expectations of her family have pulled her back, and now she is in depression. Everyone looks at her with pity, but no one comes forward to help and caress her. Her parents think that she might have been facing some problem at work and do not feel curious enough to enquire her. Mili lacks the confidence to do any work and always feels like sitting alone far from the crowd. Her strange behavior lately freaks out everyone, and everybody starts avoiding her. Mili's situation deteriorates by this, and she stops going outside. The movie continues with Mili realizing that she still hasn't done anything to achieve her ambitions. She takes the charge in her hands and decides to get through this phase and come back strongly. Will she be able to fight depression? Will she achieve her life goals? To know, buy a ticket and watch the movie.


Rajesh Raman Pillai should be appreciated to create a female-oriented film, but that's not enough to make it perfect. The movie has too many characters and loopholes which irritate the audience. The story also seems incomplete as Rajesh doesn't show what motivates Mili to gather the courage to fight depression on her own. The visuals are great, and they keep the crowd stick to the chairs. However, the film still needed some more work to make it capable enough to entertain the whole time.

Star performances-

Amala Paul is the soul of the movie and has done a brilliant job. It would seem like no other actress would fit in the role of Mili once you see Amala in all that lousy and bold character. She has very beautifully portrayed the intense character of Mili and the hardships a depressed person feels during that time. Nivin Pauly looks damn charming and handsome in the role of a corporate trainer and would steal the hearts of the girls with just a glance. The direction has been average, and so is the editing. However, Anish Lal R.S. has captured some beautiful visuals as a cinematographer in the movie.

What's there-

The movie is full of motivation and inspiration. The concrete determination of Mili to overcome depression is very inspiring. The background score is melodious, and the visuals can make you feel good while watching it.

What's not there-

The movie doesn't appeal much to the crowd and lacks the proper guidance and direction to make it entertaining.


Overall, the movie is inspiring but dull at the same time. You can give it a shot only if you are hardcore Amala fan.