Chowka is the Sandalwood entertainer directed by Tarun Sudhir, the brother of Nanda Kishore. The film is bankrolled by Dwarakish under the banner Dwarakish Ch

Chowka Movie Review

Chowka Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
Review for the film " Chowka"
Runtime: 2 Hours 58 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 03-02-2017
Genre: Action, Drama
3 / 5.0

Chowka is the Sandalwood entertainer directed by Tarun Sudhir, the brother of Nanda Kishore Nanda Kishore is one of the multi-talented people >> Read More... Nanda Kishore . The film is bankrolled by “ Dwarakish Bungle Shama Rao Dwarakanath on 19th August 1942, >> Read More... Dwarakish ” under the banner Dwarakish Chitra. It is the fiftieth venture of Dwarakish Chitra. The movie has Prem Kumar Prem Kumar is an Indian actor working in Kannada f >> Read More... Prem Kumar , “ Diganth Diganth is one of the sizzling male model-turned-a >> Read More... Diganth ,” “,” Bhavana Menon Bhavana, a Malayalam Actress, was born in Thrissur >> Read More... Bhavana Menon , Aindrita Ray Aindrita Ray is a prominent Kannada actress, who h >> Read More... Aindrita Ray , Prajwal Devaraj Prajwal Devaraj is an actor from the Kannada film >> Read More... Prajwal Devaraj , and Vijay Raghavendra Born in Bengaluru, Vijay Raghavendra is an Indian >> Read More... Vijay Raghavendra in the lead roles. The specialty of the film is Puneeth Rajkumar Puneeth was born on 17th march 1975 in madras, Tam >> Read More... Puneeth Rajkumar crooned a song for this film and Darshan Thoogudeep appears in a cameo role. Arjun Janya Arjun Janya is an Indian singer and music composer >> Read More... Arjun Janya , “V Harikrishna,” Anoop Seelin Anoop Seelin was born in the town of Hassan, Karna >> Read More... Anoop Seelin , “Sridhar V Sambhram” and Guru Kiran composed the music.


The film starts with “ Chikkanna Chikkanna was born in Ballahalli district of Mysur >> Read More... Chikkanna ,” who unfolds the lives of four different people in four different stages. Hakki Gopala, Krishnamurthy, Surya and Anwar are the main characters of Chowka. Four of them were put in prison for the crime, which they didn’t commit. All the four have their aspirations to achieve. They were crushed due to their jail term. They were boosted up by a school teacher, who induces their passion.

Star Performances

All the main leads and the supporting roles had done their part extremely well. The hype created for the film is worthy. All the emotions are stirred up and sprinkled well.


Tarun Sudhir has proved in his debut film that he is an excellent narrator. His narration about the leads in different periods is pretty beautiful. The screenplay is one among the strong pillars to the film. Working with a lot of technicians and artists in the debut film is really a challenging one and Tarun has managed it well. Hats off to his talents!

What’s There?

  • Perfect screenplay and excellent narration
  • Performance of the artists
  • Prajwal and Prem Kumar’s acting skills had been exposed well
  • Although the film is three hours long, it didn’t bore the viewers

What’s Not There?

  • The story of Chowka is not new to Sandalwood


With an old story, Tarun has polished the contents well and has brought a strong message. All the actors and the actresses impress the audiences with their pleasing appeal and performances. Hence the viewers didn’t feel irritated. Chowka is like a Rang De Basanti Click to look into! >> Read More... Rang De Basanti for Sandalwood. Get the tickets and watch the film! Chowka would impress you for sure!