Anoop Seelin was born in the town of Hassan, Karnataka on 24th of October. He's known to be a multi-talented personality, especially in the Kannada film industry. He works as a music director as well as a playback singer.

Singing was just another of Anoop’s passions and hobbies, and he pursued his hobby by working in the orchestra. He never wanted to pursue his career in singing which is why he had done a course in LLB. 

Anoop entered the singing group of Hamsalekha just to work on his hobby. It is here where he recognised his potential as a singer. Hamsalekha gave him the required guidance to pursue his career in music industry further. Hamsalekha can be given a huge credit for making Anoop all that he is today. He wouldn't have been such a revolution in the industry if it was not for Hamsalekha and AR Rahman who pushed him into singing. 

According to Anoop good work is more important than any award and he came into the music industry only to bring a pleasant change in the Kannada music which he thinks lacks as compared to the other music and film industries in India because it is not as widely promoted as the others.
His one song that can be credited to be called his breakthrough work is a song from a movie named Ondagona Baa and the song is ‘Yaaro Yaaro Nannavalu Yaro’. Other movies whose backgrounds Anoop scored are ones like Gooli, Eddelu Manjunatha, etc.
Anoop is very well known to not just score backgrounds but also write lyrics for songs.He is also known as a great composer.

Anoop has married his love interest Kriti, who is an actress. 


V. Manohar

V. Manohar is a multi-talented personality in Kannada films industry.  Apart from handling direction and lyrics, he has also acted in a few films where he composed his music. He has composed music for a great number of Tulu and Kannada films and has also received various awards for the same, like the prestigious Karnataka State Award. He has penned lyrics for over thousand numbers in Sandalwood.  Manohar belongs to Vitla village in the state of Karnataka. He started off as a cartoonist for magazines and leading national dailies. He is closely associated with Upendra and Kashinath, who are now well known Kannada movie directors. He made his debut as a music director with the film Tharle Nan Maga in 1992 which was directed by Upendra.  Apart from being associated with films, he is also connected to serials as he has been music composer for a lot of sitcoms. He gained the much-needed appreciation when he sang the title track for Danda Pindagalu, a very popular TV show. He composed music for many other serials like Prema Pishachigalu, Daridra Lakshmiyaru and Jagalagantiyaru. He composed tunes for a lot of TV serials and made his mark there as well. He has also directed a few of them as well as acted in Majaa Talkies as Bhatta.  V Manohar has scored music for around 100 Kannada movies such as Indradhanush, O Mallige, Duniya, Janumada Gelathi and many more. Kolu Mande, a song that is full of love,  from the 1996 movie Janumada Jodi,  tasted great success. A lot of his songs have topped music charts and have been big hits.  Manohar has penned lyrics for around a whopping 1000 songs and has gained a special place as one of Kannada cinema’s loved lyricists. He has directed O Mallige and Indradhanush.   

V. Manohar Kannada Actor