Sonu Nigam's Tryst With Sandalwood

Sonu Nigam's Tryst With Sandalwood Kannada Article

There is not an iota of doubt that Sonu Nigam is a gifted singer. Initially, he mesmerized the audience as the host of the music show, “Sa Re Ga Ma pa.” And then there was no looking back. This talented singer has sung in several Hindi albums as well in Hindi films. Also, he has been accredited for singing in about 16 languages. But the real test for this versatile musician was when he started testing waters in the South Indian film industry. And here, Sonu’s association with the Kannada film industry is indeed a commendable one.

Sonu kickstarted his career in Kannada with the 1997 number Yello Yaro Hego. From then on, there was no looking back for this golden boy of Karnataka. The 2006 film Mungaru Male was the turning point in Sonu’s stint with Sandalwood. His song Anisuthide Yako Indu from the film was ragingly popular among the Kannadicas.

Sonu had once confessed his love towards Kannada songs by saying that he gets satisfaction after singing Kannada songs. In fact, he even regards Bangalore as a “home” close to his heart. What is the secret behind Sonu’s tremendous success in Sandalwood? Even though Sonu Nigam Sonu Nigam is a renowned Bollywood singer and comp >> Read More... doesn’t know Kannada he makes it a point to emote well when he sings in it. Moreover, he looks makes use of expression to a great extent and also makes use of the translator’s help to a siginificant degree. In fact, he is known to record for a Kannada song for over an hour. This shows his hardwork and dedication.

Ade Bhoomi, Usire Usire, Minchagi Neenu, Ninnindale, Paravasha Naadenu, Neerinalli Sanna Ale, Eanagali Mundhe, Hrudayave and Chendutiya Pakkadali are some of Sonu Nigam’s hit Kannada songs. Sonu Nigam is indeed a talented singer and there is also speculation of him acquiring lead roles in Kannada films. Well, if that fructifies, it would indeed be a treat for his Kannada fans.