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Kannada Cinematographer Santhosh Rai Pathaje
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Santhosh Rai Pathaje is a Cinematographer of South Indian film industry, lives in Bangalore, India. He has skills in photography media productions such as Video, Television, Video production, entertainment, commercials, documentaries, new media, film, post production, and film production. Along with all these , he is also a scriptwriter, costume designer, film director, and a colourist. Critics say,“if the photography of a Kannada movie is looking luxurious, and glossy, then definitely Santhosh Rai Pathaje is behind it.”

Santhosh has proved his excellence in more than twenty movies. He has proficiency in four languages such as in Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and English. Originally, Santhosh is from the town Ajirangala Kaniyoo, situated near Puttur in the state of Karnataka, India. His schooling was at the St. Aloysius College,Mangalore, Karnataka. He completed his Diploma in Cinematography from the Government Film and T.V. Institute, Bangalore.

He was the topper in his class. Within the training period, Santhosh made a film with 16mm Kodak camera for his project named as “Antharamukhi” was highly appreciated by his mentors and teachers. He worked with some popular and energetic movie makers who have helped and motivated him to dive into the ocean of photography, and cinematography. Santhosh is also a graduate in journalism.

In 2011, he got married to Deeksha S. Rai, who was born and brought up in Bangalore. As a partner, Deeksha is a great inspiration for Santhosh. Santhosh 1st started his work as an assistant cinematographer of Ashok Kashyap Ashok Kashyap is a famous Sandalwood Cinematograph >> Read More... in few high budget Kannada movies such as “Law and Order,” and “Shivraj Kumar.” Then he moved to Mumbai. He stayed there for two years and made some advertising and corporate films. After returning to Karnataka, he decided to work as a movie director and script writer in the Kannada film Industry. In 2006, he directed his 1st feature film named as 7 o’clock.

He was also the script-writer and the screenplay writer of this movie. Therefore the cinematography of the film was handled by Chandrashekhar.In 2007, Santhosh made another cinema with all the previous responsibilities as a director, screenplay writer along with the scriptwriter. In the meantime, he got offers for cinematography in 2 other movies such as “Mata,” and “Mithayi Mane.” Santhosh Rai Pathaje is a man who loves to play with light and shadows. Since 18 years he is pursuing this art. He gained expertise in cinematography by making feature films, corporate films, and commercials like Bingo, Lenovo, Campaign for BJP, etc.With hard work and a true love towards his passion, Santhosh made himself popular, both in Telugu and Kannada film world.

He has a vast knowledge in grading of colours. He has done colour correction for the movie “John Jaani Janardan,” and he is the only man in Indian Cinema who can do this in commercial films. Along with cinematography, Santhosh has also designed costumes for movies like “Vaastuprakara”, and “ Paramathma” , proving to be a multi-tasker. In the technical front, his picturization is marvellous. His photographic skills are considered to be spellbound when he takes shots of nature. He has the capacity, the specialization, the expertise, and a deep understanding towards the needs of a director and the media. He has the vision to make anything fascinating and successful related to cinematography.

His photography in cinemas is a big asset for the South Indian movies. The films like “Kidirithe Kappu Coffee,” Paramathma,” Whistle,” Love U Alia,” and “ Josh Click to look into! >> Read More... ” are the examples of his dedication and extraordinary picturesque of luxurious textures. Nowadays, Santhosh is reforming the syllabus of the students of his college where he studied. Also he is a visiting guest lecture in the Govt. Film and TV Institute

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