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Author: Simran Sarin
Big Boss Kannada Controversies Kannada Article

Big Boss Kannada is undoubtedly one of the famous reality shows on Indian televisison. The current season, Big Boss Season 4, is aired on Colors Super, and is hosted by Kiccha Sudeep. The last 3 seasons were for 99 days.

The growing popularity of Big Boss is a clear sign that we are also interested in confrontations. But when it comes in the form of a show it has a different appeal. The dramas and hypes in the Big Boss Show add only to the spirit of the show.

The first season of Big Boss was a great hit among the audiences. It had a live tracker system, which will make the audiences be aware of where a contestant is. This was missing in the next season, that is season 2. One of the shocks of the season 2 was the announcement of the winner prior to the final episode. Several social networking sites forecasted Akul to be the winner.

With the passage of days the contestants would get to know about each other’s opinions, tastes and insights. Also Big Boss is a platform wherein the contestant can know about himself/herself better.

In the first two seasons, most of the contestants have known better about themselves and they revealed that they have bid goodbye to their ego, temper tantrums etc. In Big Boss 3 besides Huccha Venkat Kruthika was another controversial inmate for her emotional lengthy speeches.

In Big Boss 3 Master Anand, who was the favorite for getting the third season of Big Boss Kannada got the third place in the reality show. This gave way to debate that whether he deserved more than Shruthi. Even the polls made him the most favorite contestant to win the title. Anand was regarded as the sole entertainer in the Big Boss season 3.

One of the main concerns of Big Boss is that the viewers may love a contestant but the deciding thing is how many votes he garners from the audiences in preference to his/her rivals.

Even in the first two seasons of Big Boss Kannada the favorites did note emerge winner. In the first edition while Arun Sagar was expected to get the title, it was Vijay Raghavendra who got it. As for the second season Akul Balaji was given the title while the audience expected Srujan Lokesh to get it. Vijay Raghavendra was the winner of season 1, Akul Balaji was the winner of season 2, Shruthi was the winner of season 3 and currently season 4 is going on. While, let’s wait and see who lifts the trophy in the fourth season.