Falling in love is simple maintaining the love is what it takes to differentiate love from attraction a beautifully thought concept ending up in failing enact

Tere Mere Phere Movie Review

Tere Mere Phere Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Tere Mere Phere"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 03-09-2011
Genre: Romance, Comedy
2.5 / 5.0



Falling in love is simple, maintaining the love is what it takes to differentiate love from attraction, a beautifully thought concept ending up in failing enactment and being depicted unreasonably, this is what Tere Mere Phere is all about.

Plot: The leads Rahul and Pooja got married trusting their impulses. And like all other relationships that begin from awesome and end to awful, this one was no different. The only difference being: this time breaking up won’t be that easy given the marriage. The question that was put is whether love has failed or marriage or both? In the middle of these turbulences enters Vinay Pathak, forcing the couple to go through their story again, revisit their feelings and then come to the decision whether the feelings experienced are worth breaking up in the end?

The film is set on the backdrop of Himachal, which comprises of moments where the lead couple have their time, and there are moments where they fight as if there is no tomorrow. The fact that they are still in love, but failed by marriage comes out clear. Vinay’s character refurbishes their love and the film ends as the typical romantic movie would “happily ever after”.

Analysis: Directed by Deepa Sahi, the story seems convincing, but it could have explored the characters and their conflicts better. There are many rough edges to the script which are quite visible onscreen. The cinematography is decent given the backdrop of Himachal. The concept of the film was well thought of but not well developed, that’s where the script fails, it could’ve been a lot better had the edges been smoothened.

Star Performances: It's often said, half the battle is won if the cast is good, which definitely holds true for the film but in a negative light, half the battle was lost because the cast wasn’t good. The actors have totally messed up with the characters, which makes the film feel like more of a cooked up story rather than genuine.Vinay Pathak delivers a pitch perfect performance yet again. The film could’ve raised the bar, had the lead pair, Jagrat Desai and Sasha Goradia been better.

What’s there? A well-thought concept that connects with the youth because of its eccentricity and the display of the situation that today’s generation faces: attraction or love. Because of that, it will win some attention from the younger lot.

What’s not there? Right message, a justified way out of the problem, that’s what the film fails to give.

Verdict: Though the film is blithe in parts, it fails to impress in an overall way.