Amole Gupte rsquo s Directorial debut Stanley Ka Dabba is a mind blowing film covering the little aspects of life like bonding over school friends through thei

Stanley Ka Dabba Movie Review

Stanley Ka Dabba Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Stanley Ka Dabba"
Runtime: 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 13-05-2011
Genre: Comedy
3.9 / 5.0



Amole Gupte’s Directorial debut, Stanley Ka Dabba is a mind blowing film covering the little aspects of life like bonding over school friends through their Tiffin boxes. Stanley Ka Dabba conveys a very beautiful message and will make you smile throughout the movie.

Plot:  Mr. popular of the class Stanley is liked and often appreciated by his classmates for being immensely talented. Not only the classmates, the teacher who teaches them English (on whom he secretly has a crush on) is one of his fan too. However, his presence of mind and humor is not always appreciated by his science teacher. Stanley never brings Tiffin to school, and his friends enjoy sharing their Tiffin with him. Verma the Hindi teacher popularly known as “Khadoos” among the kids is a foodie who never brings his own tiffin and craves for the Tiffin brought by the students. One day Khadoos gets late to the class and doesn’t get to eat from the lunch boxes. Realizing that the food was shared with Stanley, He berates Stanley for not bringing his own tiffin to school. Stanley, understanding the situation stops eating from the Tiffin of his classmates and tell them that he will enjoy a hot meal prepared by his mother once he gets back home. The classmates catch this false story of his and start hiding food from Khadoos and giving it to Stanley.

As soon as Khadoos get to know about this thing going on, he threatens Stanley either to bring his own Tiffin or do not attend the school. Stanley apologizes and stops coming to school. After some time, the English teacher gets to know about this thing, and she heavily criticizes Khadoos for his deed. On a fine day, Stanley brings a Tiffin and seeks Khadoos’s permission for joining the school. Khadoos feels guilty and apologizes to him. Meanwhile the principal of the school while driving Stanley to his home after a competition realizes that Stanley has got no home, and no mother. Now who prepared Stanley’s Tiffin? Who was that mother that Stanley used to tell his classmates about? You have to watch the film for these answers.

Analysis: Stanley Ka Dabba is a heartwarming movie with some beautiful performances by all of the cast. Amole Gupte’s has fulfilled all his desires he wanted to meet in Taare Zameen Par. The bonding over Tiffin boxes, How to live a happy life even when you are living under poor conditions. Stanley Ka Dabba deals with all these aspects. Star performances Partho has proved that he is a wonderful gift to the industry by Gupte in his debut film. He gave a performance which you can’t expect from a kid of his age. Along with Partho, all the Dabba gang of school performed quite well and did justice to their roles even they are not professional actors.

What’s there? 1. The smooth intriguing story with simplicity as its Unique Selling Point. 2. Slight humor which will keep you smiling throughout the film.

What’s not there? 1. No star-studded performances, No dance sequences. 2. Not a typical Bollywood kind of movie.

Verdict: Stanley Ka Dabba is a must watch for all age groups as it deals with many major issues of life other than Tiffin boxes. Stanley Ka Dabba will make you nostalgic and remember your school recess times.