Partho Gupte Hindi Actor
Other Skills
Partho Gupte is a well known child actor. He was well known and became very famous after performing in his debut film named as Stanley ka Dabba. This movie was released in 2011. His performance in this debut movie was so amazing and awesome, that he was awarded the special Film fare Award in the same year. After that, he appeared in another movie in 2014 named as Hawa Hawai. Apart from winning the Film fare award for his movie, he also earned some of the international awards in 2011 like he got the best actor award in the Shlingel Film Festival held in Germany in 2011.

He performed the main role in this movie, and the whole story revolves around him being a school boy who never brings his own Tiffin and likes to eat from the lunch boxes of his friends and class fellows. Therefore, this character signifies both the mysterious and interesting aspects of the boy. This movie was filmed in a school of Mumbai. This was a non mainstream film, but in spite of this, it earned a lot and made a business of about 3.8 Crore. Partho Gupte is not only engaged in his studies, but also owes to continue his showbiz career in the coming time and is planning to become the rising movie star in the future. In this way his professional line has been set and decided that, he is going to become a star in the field of Indian drama and in the film industry as well.