Saket Chaudhary came a long way from directing Pyaar Ke Side Effects in 2006 to directing Shaadi Ke Side Effects Yes it is the sequel of Pyaar Ke Side Effects

Shaadi Ke Side Effects Movie Review

Shaadi Ke Side Effects Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Shaadi Ke Side Effects"
Runtime: 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 28-02-2014
Genre: Romance, Comedy
3.5 / 5.0

Saket Chaudhary came a long way from directing Pyaar Ke Side Effects in 2006 to directing Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Yes, it is the sequel of Pyaar Ke Side Effects. The romantic comedy was again produced and directed by the Saket Chaudhary. Ekta Kapoor is also part of the production team. The first part featured Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat, but the sequel features the likes of Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan in lead roles. The film was released on 28th February 2014 worldwide. The film was produced by Balaji Motion Pictures.


Siddharth Roy played by Farhan Akhtar is married to Trisha Roy played by Vidya Balan. The young couple is having a great time and are happy with each other until one day Trisha discovers that she is pregnant. Siddharth and Trisha sit together to decide the outcome of the pregnancy. Siddharth, who is a struggling musician, wants to have the baby on a friend’s advice. Sid takes good care of Trisha during her pregnancy and guides her through her diet. Nine months later, Trisha gives birth to a baby girl. Trisha’s mother is worried as she feels Sid is not responsible enough to take of the child. Although Sid tries very hard to be a family man but fails on every occasion. Siddharth is frustrated at this and asks Ranveer for advice.

Ranveer advises Sid to take a break away from family related issues. On the other hand, Trisha hires an expensive governess who she calls aunty. Trisha’s idea of hiring an expensive maid spoils Sid’s idea of living in a hotel. He then decides to share a room here he comes across Manav, who is a bachelor. Manav makes Siddharth a carefree person. Siddharth then realizes the importance of family when no one turns up to see Manav when he meets with an accident. He goes back to Trisha and tell her truth. Trisha is angry and kicks him out the house. Sid makes repeated apology to Trisha. Trisha forgives Sid but tells him that she is pregnant with their neighbor’s baby. Siddharth is furious at this and walks out of the house with the baby. Sid returns home to discover that Trisha was joking and that she is pregnant with his baby. The difference between the two are cleared, and they live happily ever after.

Star Performances

Fresh from the success of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Farhan Akhtar plays the lead male role. Vidya Balan plays the female lead in the sequel. Vir Das takes care of the comedy element of the movie and makes us laugh out loud. Ram Kapoor does his job with utter conviction. Vidya is stunning and strike a chord with the emotional sequences. Farhan Khan is the show stealer, whose facial expressions are a treat to watch.


The film deals with understanding or re-disovering your soul mate after marriage. Though the film has the risk of falling into seriousness the director Saket Chaudhary has astutely woven humour into it.

What’s there?

  • The director has maintained an apt balance between comedy and emotion.
  • The dialogues of the first half are quite entertaining.

What’s not there?

Though the track of Vir Das is commendable it could have been edited a bit so as to get even more engrossed on other aspects of the movie.


If you want to watch a movie with your family then this film is the perfect fodder. It runs for two hours, but there is enough humor to keep you interested.