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Sarhad Paar Movie Review

Sarhad Paar Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Sarhad Paar"
Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 23-11-2006
Genre: Romance, Patriotic
2 / 5.0



The trailer was enough to evoke expectations in people's mind. Has the film lived up to its expectations?


Ranjit Singh(Sanjay Dutt) was at a commendable post in Indian army. Bakhtawar and some of his men came to India and attacked India. Ranjit could not digest this, and he went to Pakistan with his Indian army to fight against Bakhtawar. During the war, all the men in Indian army died, except Ranjit. The Pakistan army asked for information, but Ranjit did not speak a word. During this process, Ranjit lost his memory. 

Bakhtawar's father Bade Miya saved Ranjit. After Ranjit had left his bed, he was sent home. 
At his home Pummy(Tabu), Simran (Mahima Chaudhary) his sister and his dad were waiting for him eagerly.The panchayat told that he is dead and were going to make his statue in his memory. 

But Pummy refused and avoided the situation. Pummy got the news from across the border that Pak is releasing the Indian soldiers. When Ranjit came to India, he was not able to identity his home due to memory loss and was not able to reach there.   Pummy makes an effort so that he remembers his story. 

Ranjit and Pummy meet at a social gathering . Pammy and Ravi were going to marry.  Ravi was not a good person, and Pummy was forced to get married to him. Eventually Pummy seeks resort to Ranjit. Ranjit proposes to Pammy but she gets kidnapped by Billa. 

At the end, Simran comes to Ranjit and ties him a rakhi. They go to Gurudwara where a bomb was planted by Bakhtawar.  Ranjit catches Bakhtawar but Ravi shoots him, and he got injured. Meanwhile, Bakthawar escaped. 

Does Ranjit catch Bakthawar? Watch the movie to know.                   

Star Performances

Sanjat Dutt is one of the finest actors of Bollywood. His work has been remarkable.In Sarhad Paar his role was depicted as a strong, dedicated and passionate army man who could give his life for the safety of his country but somehow one feels that he is sometimes overacting. Mahima and Tabu have done a convincing job. 


The movie though has an ensemble of good artists, is not presented well. 

What's there?

The movie conveys a strong message of patriotism. 
What's not there?

  • A good story is missing. This story has a moral message, but it is not executed well. 
  • The action sequences are not up to the mark. 


Sarhad Paar….a movie that will disappoint if you go with great expectations.