Raman Kumar’s talent needs no description as he is a popular face in the industry today. He is a Director, Film Producer, a Writer, etc. He studied at the Khalsa College in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Since school and college days, he was interested in the film line. During college days, he actively participated in dramas and did theatre work both as an actor and as director. He participated in several plays and explored that direction attracted him more than anything. His source of inspiration was ‘ Ramesh Talwar Ramesh Talwar is a veteran entertainer and has don >> Read More... Ramesh Talwar ’, who is a famous Indian film actor, director, co-producer. He also writes short stories. It was because of Ramesh Talwar that Raman decided to join FTII i.e. Film and Television Institute of India located at Pune.

He made his debut on television by co-directing a show “Ye Jo Hai Zindagi”. It was a sitcom that began in the year 1984 which he directed with ‘ Manjul Sinha Manjul Sinha is a director of many popular TV seri >> Read More... Manjul Sinha ’ and ‘ Kundan Shah Kundan Shah is an Indian director and scriptwriter >> Read More... Kundan Shah ’. ‘ Sharad Joshi Sharad Joshi is an Indian poet, writer, dialogue w >> Read More... Sharad Joshi ’ wrote the script for the show. In the year 1983, he directed a Bollywood movie “Saath Saath.” The movie was an average grosser. He then tried his hands continuously in serials. He directed the shows of every possible genre. He directed a quiz show which aired on Doordarshan Channel, also created the famous show “ Tara Tara was an Indian soap opera that was aired on Ze >> Read More... Tara ” in the year 1994. Tara gained a lot of popularity among the viewers. In the year 2000, he directed the daily soap “Agni Chakra”. He is to be credited for the show “”.

He married ‘Vinita Nanda’, who is herself a director and a writer. Raman says that his strength lies in his writing. More than a director, he is kind of story teller. He writes and depicts his story well. His wife supports him a lot in this line. He is a reader and loves to read a lot of books. His favorite writer is ‘Sharad Joshi’ and has read all of his books. Reading made his vocabulary strong and gave him the talent of writing. ‘ Sagar Sarhadi Sagar Sarhadi was also known as Ganga SagarTalwar. >> Read More... Sagar Sarhadi ’ inspired him to be a writer. He trusts his intuition and gut feeling a lot. Whatever seems to him attractive and interesting, he grabs that. He believes in exploring new topics.

He has worked with many channels like Zee, B4U, Star, etc. He has been a passionate and an ambitious man. He is also helpful as he handed over the direction of the show Tara to ‘ Anurag Basu Anurag Basu is a jack of all trade Indian film/tel >> Read More... Anurag Basu ’ when Anurag had just started his career. Raman helped him in growing in the film line. Raman like to direct shows which become a habit for his viewers. He cleverly selects topics which can be easily related to the society.