PLOT Deepshika lives alone in Mumbai with her daughter Anjali an..

Red Swastik Movie Review

Red Swastik Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Red Swastik"
Runtime: 2 Hours 11 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 08-06-2007
Genre: Thriller
1 / 5.0




Deepshika lives alone in Mumbai with her daughter Anjali and works as an editor for a magazine. One day, she gets threatened by a phone call by a female reader who is in distress because her submission was not published. She informs about the phone call to her D.C.P friend Harsh Chayya, but he does not take it seriously. Later, one night Sarika is visited by Harsh Chayya and crime branch inspector Deep Raj Rana, to inform her of murder. They also tell her that the last call the victim had attended was from Sarika’s workplace. The dead body has a Swastika sign on the forehead. The plot revolves around the link between Sarika and the murderer and how the case is solved.


The film is a sordid thriller that fails to make us sit on the edge of our seat. Lights have been used wisely, and that makes us feel frightened. The cinematography is a plus point. It is a glamorous crime thriller movie that will only work with a specific group of masses. The movie thrills only till the interval.


Sherlyn Chopra as Menaka exhibits her good body without any inhibitions. Deepshika has acted well as a single mother who is both bold and afraid. Deep Raj Rana as the crime branch inspector does a decent job and fits perfectly into the role.


1   The first half is thrilling.
2   Hot actress.


1  The climax could have been clear and not so queer.
2   Not so thrilling second half.
3   In the second half, the movie begins to look like a B grade film.


The film, inspired by a Hollywood film ‘I spit on your grave’ does not keep up to the expectations.