A suspense thriller weaved on emotional ties as contradicting as the themes may appear lsquo Raqeeb- Rivals In Love rsquo is one such tale Directed by the

Raqeeb Movie Review

Raqeeb Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Raqeeb"
Runtime: 2 Hours 04 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 18-05-2007
3 / 5.0

A suspense thriller weaved on emotional ties, as contradicting as the themes may appear, ‘Raqeeb- Rivals In Love’ is one such tale. Directed by the debutant, Anurag Singh, the film encompasses the story of various facets human beings pretend to wear.


The story revolves around Remo played by a decent, Rahul Khanna, who is the owner of a software company. Outwardly, he seems to have it all, money, fame and the likes, but inwardly, he feels a void of emptiness, which is observed and worked upon by his fun-in-life natured friend, as well as employee, Siddharth, He is effortlessly played by Sharman Joshi, who brings some pace in Remo’s life by introducing him to a girl named Sophie, whom he met online. The typical love story plays for a while till the past is revealed in parts and enters Sophie’s ex, played by Jimmy Shergill. Sophie, along with her ex, plan to murder Remo with an intention to inherit his wealth and stay happily ever after. But as fate would have it, Sunny, her ex is caught by the police for his intentions to do crime due to his impulsiveness. Though this seems like the end of the story, it’s a turning point. Followed by many twists and turns, the masks are unveiled, the intentions are revealed, the story that seemed to be smooth on the surface is an ocean of emotions ranging from hatred to revenge.


The director manages to make a film that traverses a gamut of emotions, at the same time promises to be an edge of the seat thriller. The story answers all the questions at the right time, leaving no complaints from the audience. It’s inspired by the 1979 tele-film, ‘Murder By Natural Causes’. The past has an important role to play in the movie


Rahul Khanna, though decent, seems to be trying too hard in some places. Sophie played by Tanushree Dutta is more of a candy floss character opposed to being an actor. Sharman Joshi is the highlight in the movie, which might seem strange, because he doesn’t occupy the main role, but surely grabs all the eyeballs. Jimmy is mostly angry and loud in the film, which is because he is unable to rise above the mediocre character.


The film's story is not a unique piece of drama, in fact, it’s a tried and tested recipe, but what makes it stand apart is the spectacular screenplay that carries the movie throughout. The direction looks fresh, and the actors, if not persuasive, have been engaging to the least.


The film doesn’t bring anything new to the plate, it just serves the same thriller story witnessed by the audience, but in a decorated way.


If thrillers strike a chord with you, then Raqeeb qualifies for a one time watch.