Red The Dark Side One wonders the relevance of such a movie name In all probability the makers wanted to suggest attributes of what the color red stands for

Red: The Dark Side Movie Review

Red: The Dark Side Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Red: The Dark Side"
Runtime: 2 Hours 45 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 09-03-2007
Genre: Thriller
1.5 / 5.0

Red: The Dark Side. One wonders the relevance of such a movie name. In all probability, the makers wanted to suggest attributes of what the color red stands for- love, lust, passion, anger, etc. While the title is interesting, the film clearly fails to hold the viewer’s interest.


Neel Oberoi ( Aftab Shivdasani) is a rich billionaire who has a serious heart ailment. Luckily, he finds a heart donor in a man who loses his life in an accident. So far so good. Now comes the quirky twist. Our Mr Neel wants to thank the donor for his heart. Instead, he finds Anahita (Celina Jaitley), the lonely and widowed wife of the man who died in the accident. What results is a passionate and steamy affair between the two of them.

Anahita later confides in Neel, that the death of her husband was planned by Riya ( Amrita Arora), her best friend. All because Riya and her husband were involved in an affair and Riya wanted to get rid of him. Anahita also tells Neel that she is being harassed by the man that Riya employed to kill her husband. At this point, Neel is completely in love with Anahita and he agrees to kill that man. Also involved is star-cop ACP Abhay Rastogi ( Sushant Singh) who tries to solve the predictable murder mystery.


No matter what, a movie that lacks a strong story and convincing characters does not make the cut. Any amount of cleavage display and oomph will not get you that. The movie starts off well, but the stupidity of the story and the incompetence of the actors involved comes across quite clearly.

Star Performances:

Apart from Aftab Shivdasani, who has shown some improvement from his past performances, no actor really manages to hook you. Celina has tried her sensual best, with the exaggerated heaving and panting. Himesh Reshamiya’s ‘Ameen’ is the only track that stays with the viewer.

What’s there:

1. Lots of steamy pulp- kisses, ample cleavage and erotica in the first half especially.

2. The lighting and cinematography are striking.

What’s not there:

1. The story fails to build the climax till the end. The movie’s suspense is given way to by common sense.

2. The story could have been lesser predictable.

3. Celina Jaitley and Amrita Arora are far from being convincing actors.


If you wish to keep your brains aside for a while and enjoy some frivolous erotica, this movie is for you.