A palpable drama that brings out the reality and behind the scenes story as well as the ins and outs of the media business Director Ram Gopal Varma has focuse

Rann Movie Review

Rann Movie Review Hindi
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Rann"
Runtime: 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 29-01-2010
Genre: Drama, Mystery
3.5 / 5.0

A palpable drama that brings out the reality and behind the scenes story, as well as the ins and outs of the media business. Director Ram Gopal Varma has focused on the script more than any other marketing gimmicks, and thus, ‘ Rann’ is definitely a content- driven cinema, which explores the ever famous media political connection.


The story revolves around Vijay Harshvardhan Malik played by the ever amazing, Amitabh Bachchan, who is a man of principles and owns a channel. As it is, ethics and the media business don’t go hand in hand. Thus, his channel is lurking in low TRP’s which doesn’t affect him from diversifying his paths, instead it only motivates him to try harder. The conflict arises due to Vijay’s overly ambitious son, Jay, who wants to have a lavish business at the stake of ethics and principles. Jay’s ambitious spark is further fueled by an aspiring politician, Mohan Pandey, desiring to be the Prime Minister and being proudly corrupt, he is flawlessly played by Paresh Rawal. Twists and turns follow, due to the union of two ambitious persons against ethics wanting to rise above all. The script is supported by many other characters, like the rival channel owner played by Mohnish Behl, Vijay’s son-in-law, Navin, played by the gifted Rajat Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh as the investigator. The film is paced appropriately, and the writing is so sharp that it hardly leaves the scope of loopholes. Although there are some points that come up, the overall package including star-cast, screenplay and climax make up for it.


The film is, for obvious reasons, a serious drama, but it promises to be amazingly interesting, racing from scene to scene without leaving any scope of being bored. Direction does remind you of Sarkar at one point, but that’s only because Ram Gopal Varma has given his best. The film could’ve fallen flat on its face had it not been pillared by its efficient star-cast. There doesn’t come a point where it's not believable. It portrays the media industry, just the way it is, never crossing the line of understating and exaggerating.


Amitabh Bachchan is terrific in playing the honest man, and the final speech given by him promises to give goosebumps, given you are involved in the drama. Sudeep, who plays his son, has held his own. Paresh Rawal is as close to real as he can be, and Rajat Kapoor reprises the characteristic of being an overwhelming actor. Riteish Deshmukh surprises you with this role; his versatility is his greatest gift.


A strong script with a well-paced screenplay, the movie has been sharply directed. At the same time, boasting of engaging performances by all the actors has allowed the film to promise satisfaction to the least bothered audience, as well as provide content to chew on, to the movie fanatics.


The film is not the masala-driven, purely commercial kind of cinema. It’s not in line with the meaningless situations created to force in a song, which markets the movie. So it’s not totally commercial.


The people who quench meaningful cinema with a pinch of entertainment, Rann is the answer to their prayers.