STARRING Shah Rukh Khan These words in themselves are enough to garner box-office collections as the audience seeks to review the story and the script later

Ra One Movie Review

Ra One Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Ra One"
Runtime: 2 Hours 36 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 26-11-2011
Genre: Action, Sci Fi
3 / 5.0

STARRING: Shah Rukh Khan

These words in themselves are enough to garner box-office collections, as the audience seeks to review the story and the script later. RA.ONE however, has been made on a whopping budget of 150 crores, also starring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Arjun Rampal, and a child actor named Armaan Verma.


The supposedly science-fiction movie revolves around the basic storyline of a game, which has transformed into a real world game. The game’s villain,, is in quest of the player, Lucifer, whom he desires to defeat. However, he must first defeat Good One. The story is about a scientist father who is thought of as ‘not-so-cool’ by his son, and in order to win the awe struck feelings of his son, he designs a game, which is not just another game, because this time the villain is more powerful than the hero. Nevertheless, the movie still maintains the goodness always wins vibe in the end. The film features Shah Rukh Khan in a double role, one as the predictable and goofy scientist father who is ludicrous, to say the least, and another as with his charming blue eyes and suave. making him a superhero. The film's second half is shot in India along with the climax chase and groovy numbers including, Chammak Challo. The films technical arena boasts of many visually awed sequences ranging from the car chase before the interval, to the train sequence, which strikingly resembles the one in Robot. Of course, the end, doesn’t fail to disappoint, as it’s greatly looked after. Whether Lucifer will be saved from the more powerful or will after all end up being the hero, is the question.


Though the film is technically well-equipped, it gets loose in parts. Director, Anubhav Sinha, has managed to make a satisfying movie, though it was expected to be a notch above. Being backed by a huge budget and big names, isn’t bad, but it just isn’t as much as it was expected to be.


Shah Rukh Khan in both the roles- as a father who wants to prove himself to his son, or the mechanical brings credibility to his part. Kareena Kapoor holds her own, in spite of it being a superhero flick; she isn’t slightly side-lined. Her groovy number has worked well for the movie promotions. Arjun Rampal’s part as the powerful is very small, and because of its mechanical requirements, it fits in well with the actor. The supposedly cute child actor, Armaan Verma. is smart and full of attitude. All in all, the stars bring in conviction to the movie.


The film is technically equipped, in fact, it’s the best India has ever had after Robot. Shah Rukh is seen in a totally different light, not romancing, not wooing, but fighting.


The film is slowly paced in the first half as enters seconds before the interval and the story till then also loses its essence, making it unable to hold the audience. The editing could’ve been better given such technical sequences, big money and well-known names involved.

VERDICT: is India’s very own science fiction flick as the actor-producer Shah Rukh Khan wanted it to be. Though it could’ve been better in parts, its certainly good and makes for a one-time watch.