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Top 10 Films You Won't Believe Are Made By These Directors

Author: Eshika Thakur
Top 10 Films You Won't Believe Are Made By These Directors Hindi Article

Over the years, we have watched several films as we have grown up. Now, the majority of us can recognize their directors without really looking them up on Google. We typically say, "Ye toh Anurag Kashyap Born on 10th September 1972, Anurag Kashyap has es >> Read More... Anurag Kashyap ki hogi," if the theatre is dark. If it's a comedy, we ask, "Is Priyadarshan in it?" Does David Dhawan? We refer to a movie as being directed by if the leads are portrayed as bewildered lovers. Is it not?

1. Return Of Hanuman- Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap is the director of the 2007 Hindi-language animated action-adventure movie Return of Hanuman. Produced by Shailendra Singh Shailendra Singh is an Indian singer. He is a Boll >> Read More... Shailendra Singh of Percept Picture Company and Toonz Animation, with music by , it appeared to be a Hanuman sequel. It is a children's movie that the CBFC has classified as an educational film since it addresses the problem of global warming. It was made available in India on December 28, 2007.

2. Ye Kya Ho Rha – Hansal Mehta Hansal Mehta is an Indian writer, director, produc >> Read More... Hansal Mehta

Four young men go through their undergraduate years without giving their academics a second thought. They do, however, develop affection for their fellow students during the last semester and also understand the value of education.

3. Cash- Anubhav Sinha Anubhav Sinha was born on 22nd June 1956 in Jamalp >> Read More... Anubhav Sinha

Anubhav Sinha's 2007 Hindi-language heist movie, Cash, was released. To successfully rob a priceless diamond, two groups of burglars put their best foot forward. However, they quickly get caught in a complex web of treachery and murder. The movie premiered on August 3, 2007.


4. Zameen- Rohit Shetty Rohit Shetty is a famous Director in Bollywood who >> Read More... Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty made his feature film directorial debut with this one. ACP Jaydev and Colonel Ranvir Singh work together to punish the offenders and foil their wicked schemes after a small group of terrorists commandeer an Indian jet and demand the release of their leader.


5. Anjaana Anjaani Click to look into! >> Read More... Anjaana Anjaani - Siddharth Anand Siddharth Anand was born on 16th March 1983 in Jal >> Read More... Siddharth Anand

A 2010 Hindi-language comedy-style romance drama film titled Anjaana Anjaani was produced and directed by Sajid Nadiadwala Sajid Nadiadwala is undoubtedly one of the most in >> Read More... Sajid Nadiadwala and Siddharth Anand respectively. In the movie, Priyanka Chopra Born on 18 July 1982, Priyanka Chopra is an establ >> Read More... Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor is a noted Indian film actor. He was >> Read More... Ranbir Kapoor play two melancholy strangers who meet and agree to kill themselves on New Year's Eve in 20 days.


6. RGV Ki Aag- Ram Gopal Verma

Ram Gopal Varma Ram Gopal Varma is a famed Indian film director an >> Read More... Ram Gopal Varma produced and directed the 2007 Indian action drama movie Aag, also known as Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag. The film, which is a remake of the 1975 Hindi classic Sholay, earned poor reviews from reviewers when it was first released. It is regarded as among the worst films ever created.


7. Hungama 2- Priyadarshan

Hungama 2 is a 2021 romantic comedy film that was co-produced under the direction of Priyadarshan. It is the eponymous spiritual sequel to Priyadarshan's Hungama from 2003. With a comic scene taken from his previous Malayalam film Vandanam (1989), both of which starred Mohanlal, it is partially adapted from Priyadarshan's original 1994 Malayalam film Minnaram.


8. Happy New Year Click to look into! >> Read More... Happy New Year - Farha Khan

Under the Red Chillies Entertainment banner, Farah Khan Farah Khan is an Indian film actress, producer, di >> Read More... Farah Khan and Gauri Khan Born on Ocotber 8 1970, Gauri Khan (originally kno >> Read More... Gauri Khan released the action comedy Happy New Year in 2014. As part of their mission to carry off the largest diamond heist ever seen, a group of losers in the movie turn into a group that wins the hearts of citizens in the city and throughout the globe.


9. A Gentleman- Raj And DK

A software developer named Gaurav Kapoor Gaurav kapoor is a famous Indian celebrity who is >> Read More... Gaurav Kapoor prepares to wed his partner Kavya, but she would rather be with a more daring and risk-loving man. When meeting Kavya's parents, who are considering Gaurav as a potential suitor for their daughter, Gaurav decides to ask Kavya out on a date.

10. Jab Harry Met Sejal- Imtiaz Ali

Imtiaz Ali wrote and directed the 2017 comedy romantic film Jab Harry Met Sejal, which translates to "When Harry Met Sejal." A tour guide named Harinder "Harry" Singh Nehra ( Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... Shah Rukh Khan ) works in Amsterdam. He calls himself a "cheap womanizer," describes himself as lonely yet kind and helpful, and frequently flirts with his customers, endangering his employment.