Plot I love New Year is the most expected movie by Sunny Deol Sunny has cast his role with Kangana Ranaut Tanishtha Chaterjee Navin Chowdhary and Prem Chopr

I Love New Year Movie Review

I Love New Year Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " I Love New Year"
Runtime: 2 Hours 16 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 10-07-2015
Genre: Comedy, Romance
1.9 / 5.0

Plot: I love New Year is the most expected movie by Sunny Deol. Sunny has cast his role with Kangana Ranaut, Tanishtha Chaterjee, Navin Chowdhary and Prem Chopra. This film is directed by Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao.

Sunny has performed in the character Randheer Singh. With the background of Sunny Deol’s voice, the film starts. Randheer Singh is a bachelor who got a marriage proposal, a decade back and did not succeed in it. He accumulates his entire grit for the next marriage proposal to his new girlfriend. Why this kind of scenes is accommodated in the films with the 50 plus age hero is a question. Kangana Ranaut takes the role of a teacher, Tikku Verma. Navin Chowdhary acts as Ishaan. Tikku Verma is also a soup girl, who had a boyfriend, Ishaan. Though the film does not have an interesting story, it has cute dialogues. Kangana’s role is neat and she has done it extremely good. Her expressions, when speaking about Ishaan is wonderful.

Sunny Deol has performed a decent role in I Love New Year. It looks odd, when he sleeps for 18 hours, after drinking the Whisky. It shows as if he had taken the sleeping pills, instead of Whisky. The Screenplay is poor. Kangana looks very thin in certain scenes, and it makes her look a little older. What is the reason for her weight reduction is the question by the viewers? Her chubby cheeks from her earlier movies are missing and she looks very slender. But her performance excels as usual.

Though the film did not have any sensible story, the viewers watch it only for her performance. I Love New Year… only for Kangana