Good Boy Bad Boy is a Bollywood rom-com directed by Ashwini Chaudhary, starring Tusshar Kapoor as Good Boy and Emraan Hashmi as the Bad Boy. It stars Tanushree

Good Boy, Bad Boy Movie Review

Good Boy, Bad Boy Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Good Boy, Bad Boy"
Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 11-05-2007
Genre: Comedy
1.75 / 5.0

Good Boy Bad Boy Click to look into! >> Read More... Bad Boy is a Bollywood rom-com directed by Ashwini Chaudhary Ashwini Chaudhary is a director in the Hindi Film >> Read More... Ashwini Chaudhary , starring Tusshar Kapoor Son of a legendary Filmstar Jeetendra Kapoor and b >> Read More... Tusshar Kapoor as Good Boy and as the Bad Boy. It stars Tanushree Dutta Tanushree Dutta is an actress and model from India >> Read More... Tanushree Dutta , Paresh Rawal The Padma Shri award winner who shot to fame with >> Read More... Paresh Rawal , a strict principal, and Isha Sharvani For a person who never gave importance to acting, >> Read More... Isha Sharvani as his daughter.


Good Boy Bad Boy is a story of a teacher and two students namely Raju Malhotra (Emraan Hashmi) and Rajan Malhotra (Tusshar Kapoor). Raju, a bad boy, is good in extra-curriculum activities, least interested in studies and spends most of his time flirting with pretty young girls. Whereas Rajan is a bright and sincere student. In other words, Raju and Rajan are totally opposite of each other.

One day Deewaan Awasthi (Paresh Rawal), the new principal, divides the classes into three sections (A, B, and C) considering student’s academic performance, their interest in extra-curriculum activities, and their personality. However, it is not the case of Raju and Rajan as college management mixed their identical names by mistake, and they get classes that are totally opposite to their personality. Where Raju finds himself amidst bright students, Tusshar gets himself a seat in class filled with duffers.

Later it is revealed that it was no mistake, and Mr. Awasthi did it deliberately. Why he did such a thing and whether he succeeded or not is what carry rest of the plot.


Good boy Bad boy is a senseless movie that has all bad and no good. Though the main message is nice but is very badly presented. The film looks like a collage of, no humor, no emotions, inane script, dull music, dumb comedy, bad performances, etc., etc.

Star Performances

Don’t know whose performance is worse, Emraan’s or Tusshar’s. Leading ladies are no good either; they need to work on their dialogue delivery, expressions, and everything. I wonder what made Paresh Rawal to act in such a terrible movie.

What’s there?

The movie’s message is the savior of this movie.

What’s not there?

The movie lacks technical aspects.

It has ordinary cinematography, stupid dialogues, unexciting screenplay and unbearable music.

The movie is poorly constructed.

The movie is pretentious with the plot line that we have seen 100 times.


If you have plenty of time to kill than indeed go for Good Boy, Bad Boy.