Plot Bezubaan Ishq is a triangular love story which has lots of sentiments immolations breakups and what all are in the love stories This story is just li

Bezubaan Ishq Movie Review

Bezubaan Ishq Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Bezubaan Ishq "
Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 03-07-2015
Genre: Romance, Musical
1.5 / 5.0

Plot: Bezubaan Ishq is a triangular love story, which has lots of sentiments, immolations, breakups and what all are in the love stories.

This story is just like the old love stories that were taken before three decades. It resembles a normal television serial with lots of people move around here and there without any reason. There are two close friends who are cousins too. One is a party loving girl and one is a homely girl. Sneha Ullal and Mugdha Godse are the thickest cousins and the party lover is Mugdha. She is engaged with Nishant Malkani. The story is twisted when Nishant Malkani falls in love with Sneha Ullas. It is said that when Mugdha suffers from some sort of rare disease that makes her to faint, when she gets tensed and shout. Though the story is one among the antique stories, at least the screenplay should have been made a little bit interesting. The director fails to tempt the audience in the story as well as the screenplay.

The audience feels that, the television serials that have been running for decades are far better than this film. By taking the romance genre in the hand, the director fails to produce the right romantic story. It is the re-entry for Sneha Ullas, which is not so touching. She could have got a better choice. Mugdha did her part satisfactorily. Though the film is for two hours, it results only in yawning. If the story had a better screenplay and better character selection, it could have been praised. Director Jashwant Gangwani should take a note on this.

Bezubaan Ishq...Not suitable for the re-entry!