An adaptation of a real life incident the movie tries to imply national integration and regionalism from Mumbai to India A Bihari boy Rahul Raj who hijacks

332 Mumbai To India Movie Review

332 Mumbai To India Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " 332 Mumbai To India"
Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 17-12-2010
Genre: Drama, Thriller
0.5 / 5.0

An adaptation of a real life incident, the movie tries to imply national integration and regionalism from Mumbai to India. A Bihari boy, Rahul Raj, who hijacks a bus to prove a point to Mumbaikars, as well as the government, messes and aggravates the situation by sheer naïve and stupid decision of his.


Adapted from a true story about how a young Bihari boy, Rahul Raj (Amit Riyaan), tries to fight the discrimination and regional war between the North Indian migration in Mumbai, and the stand of a political party on the same. After a long haul over the same, the young blood boggles and reaches Mumbai to finally teach the political party and the city dwellers a lesson. He hijacks a BEST bus No. 332, a double decker, and holds the conductor and people hostage. Over the stupid façade that he puts, he gets himself killed by the police. During the scenario, there is more activity hustling in some other parts. For example, a small riot in a by lane, and a Rickshaw driver, Ismail ( Ali Asgar), who falls prey to people beating him down, in spite of being far from those communities. So what happens after Rahul’s sacrifice? Does this violence continue or it halts? Do people learn or it’s a death in vain?


There’s hell of a lot lack of effort in everything you can account to make a film. The writing and direction are so vague that they assume people to have the knowledge, and hence, no detailing of scenes. The screenplay makes stern and exciting shots, which turn hilarious with no sign of sincerity. The miscasting makes up for all the more disaster that could have been added for remaining potential. A real life story that could not be reflected even in a real life drama.

What’s There?

1. Nothing really! Except, if you want to believe in the solidarity they showcase.

What’s not there?

1. Too much to say, detailing of the story as the script only reflects childishness.

2. Realistic screenplay and direction with the ideal writing of course.

3. Lack of mature performances.


Not really my cup of tea! One can, in some way, try to appreciate the national integration topic; but that’s all there is.