Top 10 Most Awkward Moments In Award Shows

Top 10 Most Awkward Moments In Award Shows  Hindi Article

With the recent Best Film confusion at the Oscars, we take a look at ten such awkward moments in Indian Award shows.

1. Vivek Oberoi Vivek Anand Oberoi's birth was on 3rd Septembe >> Read More... Vivek Oberoi ’s Sorry Story


At the 10th Rajiv Gandhi Awards, Vivek Oberoi was seen apologizing to Salman. In a rather dramatic event, the latter ignored the actor’s apology.

2. Vidya Balan Vidya Balan is an award winning Bollywood actress >> Read More... Vidya Balan and The ‘Nareal Awards’


At the Filmfare Awards 2008, SRK and were at their witty best as usual. On the receiving end, this time was Vidya Balan. But the smart actress gave the host the taste of their own medicine by comparing them to waiters. That left both the hosts speechless.

3. Feroz Khan Feroz Khan is a legendary Indian film actor, edito >> Read More... Feroz Khan at the IIFA Awards


Legendary actress Sadhana received her award for her Outstanding Contribution to Hindi Cinema at IIFA 2002. Feroz Khan decided to give an impromptu speech awkward and mostly slurring speech.

4. Ajaz Khan Ajaz Khan is a very popular model and radio jockey >> Read More... Ajaz Khan Vs Ali Asgar Ali Asgar or Ali Azgar is known for his character >> Read More... Ali Asgar


In the Gold Awards 2015 hosted by Ali Asgar and , they were awarding ‘Balti Awards’ as gag gifts to actors. When they wanted to present the same to Ajaz Khan, he was not so pleased and had some not so kind words for the host.


5. Shahrukh and his crazy fan


At the IIFA Awards in 2011, Shahrukh was on stage when an over-excited fan ran towards the stage and leaned towards SRK’s feet. The actor handled the situation very gracefully.

6. says Shut Up


At the Filmfare Awards 2010, the best hosts SRK and Saif were taking digs at the celebrities. They went on to mock Neil Nitin Mukesh to not have a last name. The actor was rather irritated and told the hosts to ‘Shut Up.’ Though afterward, it was revealed that the incident was all planned.

7. Salman vs Arijit Singh Most famous for his songs in Aashiqui 2, Arijit Si >> Read More... Arijit Singh

At the Radio Mirchi Awards, when Arijit Singh came to stage to receive his trophy in flip flops. The host Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan took a dig at him. The singer turned towards the actor and took a jibe at him and said the show had got boring.

8. Mithoon vs Salman Khan

At the same awards show when Arijit’s music composer came on stage to receive the award. He also had a verbal fight with the host. In the end, a visibly irritated Salman Khan was seen shouting at the composer.

9. Ashutosh Gowariker VS Sajid KhanSajid Khan

That is the most hyped fight at any awards shows. The director who came on stage to get his award for Best Film for Jodha Akbar Jodha Akbar is a very popular epic historical tele >> Read More... Jodha Akbar was seen annoyed with the host for making fun of the actors sitting there. Later, Farah Khan Farah Khan is an Indian film actress, producer, di >> Read More... Farah Khan was also seen indulging in the verbal fight.

10. The Rekha-Jaya hug

When Amitabh Bachchan received his award for Best Actor at the IIFA 2016, Rekha was seen going towards Jaya and giving her a warm hug. The latter was not seen comfortable with the hug, though.