Mothers Day Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Mothers Day"
Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 28-04-2016
Genre: Comedy Drama
2 / 5.0

This movie is by director Gary Marshall who has done many comedy movies dating back to the the decade of 60’s.  So, of course the movie would kindle interest in the audience.  Whether or not the movie satisfies a wider section of the audience is a prevalent doubt which would be clarified after reading the review.


The movie opens up with people who are in no way connected to each other.  Their role is different, one as a mother and other a daughter.  Actress Anniston does the role of a mother who wants do the best to her kids after breakup with Olyphant, who does the role of her ex-husband.  Roberts is separated from her daughter Robertson.  There is yet another character in the movie, Hudson, who tries to reestablish her ties with her own mother.  

Star Performances:

The role done by Julia Roberts is commendable. She carries a wide smile on her that could move even the mountain. She commands the screen space. There is striking resemblance to a scene in the movie Pretty Woman which is of course worth watching. There is some good humor by Sudeikis. The performance by Aniston seems a bit stereotyped.


The director Gary Marshall is known for good movies dating back to the 1960s. It is surprising and difficult to make out as to how he came out with such a movie.  The screen seems to be brimming with too many characters, and that makes the movie boring to watch for two whole hours. 

There are confusing aspects about relationships in the movie.  The editing could have been better, and the whole film appears like a shoddy patchwork.  There is no proper continuity about the movie, which makes it difficult for two hours of watching. 

What is There?

  • Actress Julia Roberts is there in the movie, and that makes the movie worth watching.
  • There is some sense of humor by Jason Sudeikis which is commendable.

What is not There?

  • The movie is very predictable. It is just like going into the hotel knowing all about the dish that one munches on. 
  • There are better Hollywood movies with mother sentiments.


If it were not for actress Julia Roberts and some good humor in the movie, the movie would have been a very mediocre one.