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Isn t it Romantic? is scripted by Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, and Katie Silberman. Todd Strauss-Schulson directed the film. Todd Garner, Grant Scharbo and Gina M

Isnt It Romantic Movie Review

Isnt It Romantic Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Isnt It Romantic"
Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video
Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 13-02-2019
Genre: Comedy
4 / 5.0
3.53 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Todd Garner
  • Grant Scharbo
  • Gina Matthews
  • Music Director:
  • John Debney
  • Editor:
  • Andrew Marcus
  • Director:
  • Todd Strauss Schulson
  • Supporting Actress:
  • Costume Designer:
  • Leah Katznelson
  • Art Director:
  • Doug Huszti
  • First Assistant Director:
  • Marco Londoner
  • Second Assistant Director:
  • Soren Miltich
  • Director of Photography:
  • Simon Duggan
  • Executive Producer:
  • Marty P Ewing
  • Jason Cloth
  • Aaron L Gilbert
  • Visual Effects Producer:
  • Kim Menaster
  • Casting Director:
  • Still Photographer:
  • Michael Parmelee
  • Production Company:
  • Bron Studios
  • New Line Cinema
  • Netflix
  • Creative Wealth Media Finance
  • Camp Sugar
  • empty:
  • Michael Barry
  • Lewis Goldstein
  • Visual Effects Supervisor:
  • David Lebensfeld
  • Screenplay Writer:
  • Dana Fox
  • Erin Cardillo
  • Gaffer:
  • John Velez
  • Music Editor:
  • Charles Martin Inouye
  • Production Designer:
  • Sharon Seymour
  • Set Decorator:
  • Alyssa Winter
  • Makeup Artist:
  • Yasmina Smith Tyson
  • Julie Teel
  • Jenn Jorge Nelson
  • Hair Stylist:
  • Liliana Meyrick
  • Cheryl Marks
  • April Schuller
  • Amanda Miller
  • Nakoya Yancey
  • Special Effects Technician:
  • Zachary Maggio
  • Ben Riedman
  • Stunt Coordinator:
  • Anthony Vincent
  • Stunt Performer:
  • Aaron Joshua
  • Mike Burke
  • Mark Fichera
  • Dean Neistat
  • Stunt Double:
  • Meredith Richardson
  • Visual Effects Coordinator:
  • Mario Grilli
  • Digital Compositor:
  • Brandon Burzawa
  • Andre Cheong
  • Kevin Conlon
  • Sasha Sazanovich
  • Jeewon Kim
  • Patrick Bramley
  • David Dewaik
  • Matt Johnson
  • Danny Corona
  • Krisztian Csanki
  • Tomohiko Fukuda
  • Visual Effects Artist:
  • Kevin Pinga
  • Set Dresser:
  • Michaela A Sulka
  • Sound Mixer:
  • Damian Canelos
  • Bill Donnelly
  • Colorist:
  • Chris Gennarelli
  • Boom Operator:
  • Alfredo Viteri
  • John Gutierrez
  • Assistant Art Director:
  • Peter Dorsey
  • Lauren Rockman
  • Sound Editor:
  • Lewis Goldstein
  • Graphic Designer:
  • Laurel Kolsby
  • Eric Rosenberg
  • Supporting Actor:
  • Sawandi Wilson
  • Thomas Canestraro
  • Annie Pisapia
  • Brandon Scott Jones
  • Esteban Benito
  • Jennifer Saunders
  • Luciano Acuna Jr
  • Michelle Buteau
  • Sandy Honig
  • Shyrley Rodriguez
  • Alex Kis
  • Bowen Yang
  • Doris McCarthy
  • Jacqueline Honulik
  • Lorrie Odom
  • Marmee Regine Cosico
  • Rob Joseph Leonard
  • Shonali Bhowmik
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Trevor Kuhn
  • Bob Lloyd
  • Dini Blake
  • Faith Logan
  • Jon Rua
  • Marija Juliette Abney
  • Nora Sommerkamp
  • Scott Eliasoph
  • Adam DeVine
  • Tom Ellis
  • Betty Gilpin
  • Cassie Prusiensky
  • Eugenia Kuzmina
  • Joe Towne
  • Marcus Choi

“Isn’t it Romantic?” is scripted by Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, and Katie Silberman. Todd Strauss-Schulson directed the film. Todd Garner, Grant Scharbo and Gina Matthews produced the film in association with New Line Cinema, Bron Creative, Camp Sugar, Little Engine, and Broken Road Productions. Simon Duggan cranked the camera, and Andrew Marcus edited the film. John Debney composed the music. Warner Bros. Pictures and Netflix distributed the film. The film features Rebel Wilson Rebel Wilson is an American comedian, actress, and >> Read More... , Alex Kis, Liam Hemsworth Liam was born on January 13th, 1990. He is 6 feet >> Read More... , Adam DeVine Born on 7 November, this gentleman aged 32, is a g >> Read More... , Priyanka Chopra Born on 18 July 1982, Priyanka Chopra is an establ >> Read More... , Betty Gilpin, Brandon Scott Jones, Jennifer Saunders, Big Jay Oakerson, Tom Ellis, Michelle Buteau, Bowen Yang, and Eugenia Kuzmina.


Natalie is an architect who hates romantic comedy films. Due to her mother, she is less confident about herself. Though she is a great architect, nobody in the office values her. Only her close friends understand her, and they are Whitney and Josh. Whitney is a great fan of rom-com. Once, she was watching a rom-com, and Natalie told her how fake rom-com is and how she hates them. Whitney suggests to her that Josh loves her, but she is friend-zoning him. She says that she is a fat girl, and Josh loves the girl on the billboard, which he always watches from his window. On the way to home, she was knocked out and went unconscious. When she woke up, she was in an alternate universe where her life became a romantic comedy film. All her life, she hated a romantic comedy and how her life is in romantic comedy film. She hates the thought of everything. Does she tries to escape from it? What will happen to Natalie? Will she be able to go to her ordinary world? The rest of the story deals with it.

Star Performance

Rebel Wilson, as Natalie, did an incredible performance in the movie. Her journey to accept that she can be loved. Everything about her in the movie was exceptional.  Her humour in the film was excellent. From the start to end, she was impressive. Liam Hemsworth, as Blake, was fantastic. His charm will work on the audience. This handsome man was unique in his role. Adam DeVine, as Josh, was perfect. He had a great chemistry with Rebel. Watching both of them was enjoyable. Priyanka Chopra, as Isabella, did a fantastic performance in the movie. She added glamour and drama to the film. She had a significant role in the movie. Betty Gilpin, as Whitney Brandon Scott Jones as Donny, was impressive in the movie. All the other actors were as good as the main lead actors.


The storyline of the film was a great and entertaining film. The focus is on the description of stereotypical romantic comedy films. The film shows that to be loved, we need to love ourselves. There was a freshness in the storyline. The cinematography and direction were excellent. The comic elements were impressive. The film is entertaining from start to end. The adventurous journey of Natalie in finding real love was well portrayed. The background music and songs play a significant role in the movie. The dialogues were excellent.

What’s There?

  • The film uses the romantic comedy concept significantly.
  • The film did not go beyond the theme.
  • The star cast in the film was brilliant.
  • The storyline in the film is fresh and entertaining.

What’s Not There?

  • The storyline of the film seems to be expected.


The film had a fresh story and an excellent star cast. As a fan of the romantic comedy genre, you will love it.



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