Another Movie Hitting Screens Alongside Kabali!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Another Movie Hitting Screens Alongside Kabali!

Movie Kabali starring Rajinikanth is hitting the screens worldwide on coming July 22nd. Reportedly, the movie is to hit the screens in about 12, 000 theaters across the globe. The movie has got many theaters not alone in Tamil Nadu but in theaters across the country.

Since the movie Kabali occupies the majority of the theaters, the scenario is such that no other movie has got screens. Some producers who have made out the situation have postponed the release of their movies. Also, at the national level, no other movie is hitting the screens on the same day as Kabali.

In a development, a movie starring an actress named '' is hitting the screens on the same day as Kabali. The actress had done small roles in movies as Emdan Magan and Azhagiya Thamizh Magan. The upcoming flick starring the actress has been titled Avarum Kanniyum. The movie is a dubbing of Pithavum Kanyakayum, a Malayalam movie.

The movie comes out with a message about the repercussions of an illicit relationship. The movie has been directed by Rupesh Paul Rupesh Paul is a Director and a Screenwriter in In >> Read More... Rupesh Paul and Sajeev Menon. Many lead producers are hesitant to release their movies during the same time as Kabali. But now, a small budget movie is releasing alongside Kabali. The movie is hitting screens on coming 22nd. But, the movie is hitting screens in places other than Chennai and Chengelput.