Kannada Flick Huchcha 2 Hits The Screens On April 6th

2018-04-02 17:05

Kannada Flick Huchcha 2 Hits The Screens On April 6th

There have been a number of developments which make it competent in the Kannada cine field. The movie, a directorial venture by director Om Prakash Rao, has his 46th flick titled Huchcha 2. The flick has the favorite star as Krishna. The sole responsibility of the movie has been vested on Madarangi Krishna. The earlier title happened to be Darling Krishna. There is something in Rao which makes him the good movies, good reporter and nice in nature. He made an address to the media on the creation of Huchcha 2. It was admitted that it happened to be a remake of Tamil flick Ram.

There have been as much as majority of changes done in the movie. He does the autistic role in the movie. There is a varied mental condition in him during the life.


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