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Top 10 Unexpected Endings In Malayalam Movies

Top 10 Unexpected Endings In Malayalam Movies Malayalam Article

1. 7th Day

You will never know what's coming. In this film, you are aware that there is a villain who plays the perfect game throughout, but you will never guess who it is, until the very last scene. He was with us throughout the film and we didn't notice due to our pre-conception that a hero will never be a villain.

2. Seniors

This movie is filled with suspense, from the very beginning itself. The culprit to a crime, that had occurred years before, must be revealed. But we never thought that it is one of the main characters. It is a cheesy trick used in a film, but the explanation of the murder and the way the story moves forward makes its climax a great experience.

3. Big B

If the movie "Big B" goes in the way we expected then you will get a ‘masala' movie. Instead, director Amal Neerad selected the best strategy and applied it wonderfully. You will never ever think of this twist and you will approve it a hundred percent. Two birds, one bullet.

4. Mumbai Police

Okay, so this is a film with the ultimate climax you could imagine. You will never ever think such a possibility since it is not a climax formula that is ever tested. Once you know the killer of the character played by ‘Jayasurya’, you will have your jaws dropped for sure.

5. Best Actor

Now this is a film with multiple endings. Its poster and its trailers were saying that, and its climax scene is one of the best. You know ultimately that, the character played by ‘Mammootty’ will fulfill his dream of becoming a film actor eventually, but the ending is not the one you expected.

6. Vellimoonga

"Vellimoonga" was an unexpected hit in Malayalam film industry. With a good storyline and a wonderful twist, it became one of the films that can be seen twice.

7. Munnariyippu

From the beginning of the story, you will have a fight going on in your mind. Did the main character kill two women or not? It is not a crime thriller or anything but a movie worth watching. The main character is accused of killing two women, but nobody knows for sure that he killed them or not. Until the very end. Everything becomes crystal clear and the movie is a worth watching one.

8. Bodyguard

You will all say “Oh My God” on seeing its climax. First a Malayalam hit, then a Tamil hit, and then a Hindi hit, this movie is so famous for its biggest twist of all time. You need to watch this thriller.

9. Drishyam

The film is all about a killing. And you all know as a viewer that the murder had taken place. But where is the dead body? A question that is pondered throughout the movie. And at the final sequence, you know where the body is hidden, but you will be all in disbelief on seeing the place where the body is hidden.

10. 2 Harihar Nagar

"2 Harihar Nagar" was a sequence of the hit film "In Harihar Nagar". It was a tough call for the director to make a remake, but the second part was a big hit due to its climax scene and the twist in the tale. You don't know what's coming.


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