Top 10 Underrated Movies In Mollywood

Top 10 Underrated Movies In Mollywood Malayalam Article

Moviegoers frequently compliment the Malayalam film industry for producing some of the most brilliant films. Some, though, could have missed the box office figures. Here is the list of Top 10 underrated movies in Mollywood.

1. Guru

Mohanlal had the lead role in Rajiv Anchal's fantasy film Guru, which also starred Nedumudi Venu Nedumudi Venu was born on 22nd May 1948. He is com >> Read More... Nedumudi Venu , Srinivasan, Suresh Gopi Malayali by birth, Suresh Gopinath, also known as >> Read More... Suresh Gopi , Sithara, Kaveri Muralidharan Kaveri Muralidharan, also known as Kalyani, is a S >> Read More... Kaveri Muralidharan , and Sreelakshmi. The film was reportedly an effort at metaphor that conveyed numerous layers of meaning. The same year, Guru has chosen as India's official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar category.


2. Nirnayakam

It is a film that deals with a serious subject. The film's director, V K Prakash, expertly handled complex subjects injustice, the struggle of a lone fighter, entrenched interests, and more. Ajay, played by Asif Ali, a National Defense Academy trainee who believes it's never his cup of tea, introduces the narrative. Later on, Nedumudi Venu expertly portrays Venukuttan, an advocate of social justice, to the audience.

3. Devadoothan

Devadoothan, a film by Sibi Malayil Sibi Malayil is an acclaimed director in Malayalam >> Read More... Sibi Malayil and Mohanlal, was one of the greatest mystery horror movies ever made in Malayalam. Vishal Krishnamurthy, a music instructor dismissed from college, is the focus of the narrative. Years later, he receives an offer to return to his college for a musical presentation, and he shares a secret mystery involving a campus-owned instrument is under lock and key. The movie had a thrilling narrative and excellent actors, but it didn't get the recognition it deserved.


4. Theevram

Dulquer Salmaan Dulquer Salmaan is a popular Malayalam actor, who >> Read More... Dulquer Salmaan is the star of Roopesh Peethambaran's action-packed criminal film Theevram. The film's two plots—one in the present and one in the past—added to its gloomy atmosphere and kept the narrative engaging. Although Theevram as the ideal dark emotional thriller, it didn't do well at the box office.


5. Left Right Left

A political thriller, Left Right Left has received lots of positive reviews and courted political controversy. The story takes place in three periods, from the 1970s through the 1990s. The movie explores a variety of modern social problems and poses some intriguing themes, such as what constitutes a "true communist" and where they stand in today's shifting cultural landscape. This film is a must-see for this decade.


6. Loudspeaker

A family drama that leaves viewers pondering the value and purpose of life. This Mammootty-starring Jayaraj film debuted in theatres without much fanfare. The film is the meeting of two distinctively bred people with different personalities and lives under certain circumstances. The film uses the well-known classic song Alliyambal written by Job Master, which gives the movie a nostalgic feel and turns it into a heartwarming film.


7. Manjadikuru

Despite winning five Grand Jury Awards at the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York in 2012, most Malayalam fans did not express much enthusiasm for the movie. The movie had an original approach to telling the narrative of adults via children, and all of the supporting actors gave strong performances. On the list, Manjadikuru is unquestionably a must-watch.


8. Apothecary

In the Madhav Ramadasan-directed medical thriller Apothecary, Jayasurya, Suresh Gopi


9. Paithrukam

It is one of the classic films from the golden era of Malayalam movies. The movie presents divergent ideologies and beliefs, an open clash between atheism and theism, depicted through the characters played by Narendra Prasad Narendra Prasad was born on 26th December 1946 at >> Read More... Narendra Prasad and Suresh Gopi. This Jayaraj movie is a strong script with charming music that compels viewers to ponder over their faith and beliefs.

10. Season

The 1990 film Seasons was ahead of its time and continue to be a fan favorite among moviegoers of all ages and nationalities. Director P Padmarajan regards it as a masterpiece of his art. Many consider it to be maybe his best work due to the originality of the plot and the excellent narration.