Top 10 Trendy Songs In Mollywood In 2022

Top 10 Trendy Songs In Mollywood In 2022 Malayalam Article

The various music directors are to thank for the consistently lovely tunes in Mollywood. This is the list of the Top 10 trendy songs in Mollywood in 2022.

1. Pala Palli

Pala Palli Thiruppalli from "Kaduva," a Malayalam film (2022). Santhosh Varma Santhosh Varma is a well known Tamil Lyricist and >> Read More... Santhosh Varma and Sreehari Tharayil wrote the lyrics, Jakes Bejoy Jakes Bejoy is a film score composer who was born >> Read More... Jakes Bejoy created the music, and Athul Narukara Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Athul Narukara sang the song.


2. Ole Melody

Ole Melody Song, sung by Haricharan Seshadri Haricharan Seshadri is an eminent Carnatic singer >> Read More... Haricharan Seshadri , Benny Dayal Benny Dayal is an Indian Pop-Singer. Born in Kolla >> Read More... Benny Dayal , Salim Kumar Salim Kumar is a person who deserves the title of >> Read More... Salim Kumar , and Vishnu Vijay Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vishnu Vijay , with music by Vishnu Vijay and lyrics by Mu. Ri is from the most recent Malayalam film, "Thallumaala."

3. Yaathonnum

The most recent Malayalam song, Yaathonnum Parayathe from Vaashi, has Sithara Krishnakumar and Abhijith Anilkumar singing, with music provided by Kailas. Vinayak Sasikumar Vinayak Sasikumar is a well-known personality in t >> Read More... Vinayak Sasikumar wrote the lyrics to the song Yaathonnum Parayathe.


4. Onakka Munthiri

A brand-new Malayalam song by Divya Vineeth Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Divya Vineeth , Onakka Munthiri from Hridayam, features Pranav Mohanlal Naturally, veteran actor Mohanlal, who is the fath >> Read More... Pranav Mohanlal and Kalyani Priyadarshan Kalyani Priyadarshan is an Assistant Art Director >> Read More... Kalyani Priyadarshan . Vineeth Sreenivasan Vineeth Srinivasan is known to the music industry >> Read More... Vineeth Sreenivasan wrote the words for the song "Unakka Munthiri," Hesham Abdul Wahab Hesham Abdul Wahab was born on 14th October, 1990 >> Read More... Hesham Abdul Wahab provided the music, and Sreenivasan directed the music video.


5. Puzhayarikathu Dumm

From the Malayalam film Jo & Jo, starring Nikhila Vimal Nikhila Vimal is a Malayalam actress, and a classi >> Read More... Nikhila Vimal , Mathew Thomas He was born on 16 October 2002 who made his recogn >> Read More... Mathew Thomas , Naslen K. Gafoor, Johny Anthony, and others, comes the song, Puzhayarikathu Dumm. The music for the song Puzhayarikathu Dum was created by Govind Vasantha, with lyrics penned by Suhail Koya Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Suhail Koya and sung by Milan V S.


6. Aakasham

The newest Malayalam song, Aakasham from Bheeshma Parvam, was composed by Sushin Shyam Sushin Shyam is a playback singer. He is related t >> Read More... Sushin Shyam and vocals by Hamsika Iyer Hamsika Iyer was born on April 12th, 1972. She is >> Read More... Hamsika Iyer , and Kapil Kapilan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Kapil Kapilan and featured Mammooty. Rafeeq Ahammed Rafeeq Ahammed was born on 17 December 1961 at Akk >> Read More... Rafeeq Ahammed wrote the lyrics to the song "Aakasham."


7. Kim Kim

"Kim Kim" from the film "Jack N" Jill. The song "Kantha Thookunnu Thoomanam" from the musical drama "Paarijaathapushpaaharanam," sung and performed by Sri Vaikkom M. P. Mani, served as inspiration for this.


8. Kannil Pettole

The most recent Malayalam song, Kannil Pettole from Thallumaala, has the vocals of Vishnu Vijay and Irfana Hameed and music composed by Vishnu Vijay. The lyrics of the song "Kannal Pettole" were written by Mu. Ri. Irfana Hameed.


9. Nagumo

The most recent Malayalam song, Nagumo from Hridayam, has sung by Arvind Venugopal Arvind Venugopal is an Indian playback singer, dir >> Read More... Arvind Venugopal and music composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab. Tyagaraja wrote the lyrics to the song "Nagumo." Think Music India published the song's music video.

10. Onnam Kandam

The most well-known Malayalam song is Onnam Kandam Song. Rajeev Govindan wrote it, and Onnam Kandam Song was published in 2022. Many people's hearts have been touched by Onnam Kandam, which has become a major hit with listeners.