Top 10 Malayalam Film Editors Malayalam Article

1. ' A Sreekar Prasad Akkineni Sreekar Prasad, also called Sreekar Prasa >> Read More... A Sreekar Prasad '

When you take editing there is no better name than that of Sreekar Prasad Akkineni Sreekar Prasad popular as Sreekar Prasad, >> Read More... Sreekar Prasad . He works mostly in all the southern languages and also in Hindi and English. He won seven National Awards for Best Editing, simply highlighting his editing talents. He won five Kerala State Film Awards for his editing works from 1992 to 2009. He is most probably the best editor in Malayalam so far with the huge number of Awards and National Recognition.

2. Beena Paul

Beena Paul Born in 1961, Beena Paul is a renowned film editor >> Read More... Beena Paul is one of the woman editors in Malayalam who received a National Award i and three Kerala State Awards. Her editing works are literally for soulful movies and thus have a greater impact on the social framework.

3. 'B. Lenin'

Although Lenin is a prominent editing figure in all the South Indian film industry. His contributions to the Malayalam film industry is inevitable.. Winning two Best Editor Award during early 1990's and still active in the movie business. His works in Tamil had brought him National Awards during 90's and early 2000's.

4. ' G Murali Born on July 1, 1977, in Krishnagiri region, Tamil >> Read More... G Murali '

G Murali is a well known editing figure in Malayalam film industry. He got two Kerala State Awards in 1994 and 1995 consecutively for the films “Sukrutham” and “Sakshyam”. He is still in the editing business, due to the fact that he had done editing for almost 250 films till recent days.

5. Ravi Kiran

Unlike other editors in this list, Ravi does not have a lot of films to talk, but his works are good which helps him to get two Kerala State Awards, one for "Kadaltheerathu” and the other for “Nirmaalyam”. He had the experience of working with great directors like Padmarajan and M T Vasudevan Nair etc.

6. M S Mani

Mani is a recognised editing personality. He won two National Awards for editing works, one for “Iyer the Great” and another for “Nakhashatangal”. He also did editing for films like "Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha” Amritam Gamaya” etc. He also has a Kerala State Film Award for best editor.

7. K Narayanan

Narayanan almost edited 200 Malayalam films in his time. He started his editing career from the early 1950’s and still continues the editing works in Malayalam film industry. During 1970’s and 80’s it was like there were no films in which Narayanan didn’t work.

8. Vinod Sukumaran Vinod Sukumaran is a renowned filmmaker of the Ind >> Read More... Vinod Sukumaran

Vinod Sukumaran is not only famous for his works in the field of film editing but also as a director. He has a Kerala State Award for best editor for the film “ Ore Kadal Click to look into! >> Read More... Ore Kadal ” and a film critic’s award for the film “ Akale Click to look into! >> Read More... Akale ”.

9. B Ajithkumar

Ajithkumar is the editor of our generation and has a good reputation in the Malayalam film industry. With his initial steps in the editing career is still in progress.He has two Kerala State Film Awards one for “Annayum Rasoolum” and another one for “Bhavam” and “Nizhalkoothu”

10. L Bhoominathan

He is an editor from the new generation of editors. He has three Kerala State Awards until today for “Kaanakkinavu”, “Asuravamsam” and “Vaasthavam”. He also did editing for films like “Ben Johnson”, “ Time Click to look into! >> Read More... Time ” and “August 15”.