Top 10 Malayalam Film Directors Who Played Cameo Roles

Top 10 Malayalam Film Directors Who Played Cameo Roles Malayalam Article

1. ' A K Lohithadas Popularly known as A.K. Lohithadas, his detailed w >> Read More... A K Lohithadas '

He is a writer, a director and sometimes he appears in films as a guest actor as well. He has done guest roles in many films that are closely related to movie themes. Films such as "Udhayananu Tharam”, “Shakespeare M A Malayalam” etc. are some of the category films.


2. ' Lal Jose Best known in Malayalam cinema, Lal Jose is a film >> Read More... Lal Jose '

Lal Jose is a popular director in the Malayalam cinema industry. Most importantly, he is a wonderful guest actor as well. His guest role in the film “Om Shanti Oshana” was well noted by the fans and he is also present in the movie “Azhakiya Ravanan” and the likes.


3. ' Priyadarshan Priyadarshan Soman Nair is a famous Director, Prod >> Read More... Priyadarshan '

He is not a popular figure as a guest role actor. His guest appearances are limited and not famous, but they are worthy of a mention . He acted in “No. 20 Madras Mail” and “Kalimannu.”


4. ' M Renjith M Renjith is an Indian-Producer. He primarily work >> Read More... M Renjith '

You all know that Renjith is one of the best directors in Malayalam film industry. His cameo roles are also popular. He has acted in many movies and has also come up as a guest actor. He has played the main character in the film “Gulmohar”, giving him a bonus point in this list.


5. 'I. V. Sasi'


I. V. Sasi mainly appeared in cameo roles as himself. In the film “Nadodikattu" he appears once. Not many acts had come up from this legendary director, though.


6. ' Major Ravi Major Ravi is the penned name for Major A.K. Ravic >> Read More... Major Ravi '

Major Ravi is a strong and bold director and he has a lot of strong movies to his name as well. He has played many cameo roles which are strong in nature. His role in the film “ Action Hero Biju Click to look into! >> Read More... Action Hero Biju ” as Police Commissioner is one such example.


7. ' Viji Thampi Viji Thampi is also known as Viji. He is an Indian >> Read More... Viji Thampi '

Viji Thampi is a man who has appeared in many films as a guest actor. In most of the films directed by him, he appears in small cameo roles. Some of his films include “Packakuthira”, “Achuvinte Amma” etc.

8. ' Venu Nagavally Venu Nagavally was one of the most prominent Write >> Read More... Venu Nagavally '

Venu Nagavally is no stranger to mainstream acting. He is probably more popular for his character roles than his direction part in movies. His main role was in the film "Kilukkam” and then in “Minnaram.”

9. ' Shyamaprasad Shyamaprasad is an eminent screenwriter, director, >> Read More... Shyamaprasad '

Shyamaprasad is not a director who is new to playing cameo roles. He appeared in many films as a guest actor and did great in his small roles. Films such as “ Loham Click to look into! >> Read More... Loham ”, “ Anarkali Click to look into! >> Read More... Anarkali ” etc. are examples.

10. 'Ashique Abu'

Ashique Abu is a particularly new director and he has played small parts in some of the new films that released in the theaters. These films include “ Salt N Pepper Salt and Pepper is a Malayalam cookery and travel >> Read More... Salt N Pepper ”, “Annayum Rasoolum” are some of his cameo appearance featured movies.