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Top 10 Sandalwood Action Movies In The 21st Century

Top 10 Sandalwood Action Movies In The 21st Century Kannada Article

Kannada film industry has recently given many blockbusters action films and is also known as Sandalwood. Kannada cinema has made a big comeback in the 21st century with its action movies. After giving super hit films like K.G.F, Ulidavaru Kandanthe, and Uppi 2, Kannada cinema has caught the eyes of the audience. If you are also looking for some of the best action movies you can watch, then you are at the right place. Here you will find the top 10 Kannada action movies from the 21st century that you can’t miss.

1. K.G.F Chapter 2

K.G.F Chapter 2 is the number one Kannada action movie on our list, becoming one of the highest-grossing Kannada films. It is a period action film released on 14 April 2022 and is the continuous part of K.G.F Chapter 1 (2018). The film features Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Srinidhi Shetty, and Prakash Raj in the main cast. The story revolves around an assassin name Rocky.

2. K.G.F Chapter 1

K.G.F Chapter 1 is a Kannada period action film written and directed by Prashanth Neel and stars Yash and Ramachandra Raju in lead roles. Yash acting as Rocky was highly praised and became the blockbuster hit of 2018. The film follows Rocky, a gangster who hides as a salve to assassinate the owner of a gold mine.

3. Ulidavaru Kandanthe

Ulidavaru Kandanthe is a neo-noir crime drama anthology Kannada film that became the best cult classic in Kannada film Culture. It has received highly positive reviews praising the direction, performance of actors, and cinematography. Directed and written by Rakshit Shetty, Shetty also appears as the lead actor in the movie.

4. Uppi 2

Uppi 2 is a Kannada psychological thriller film released on 14 August 2015 and became a commercial success. The film revolves around a man name Neeenu, who believes that Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called a present. Starring Upendra, the film is also written and directed by Upendra. It also stars Kristina Akheeva and Parul Yadav in the main cast.

5. Avane Srimannarayana

Avane Srimannarayana is an action-adventure Kannada movie that revolves around a corrupt cop who is on a mission to solve an ancient history. Directed by Sachin B. Ravi, it stars Rakshit Shetty and Shanvi Srivastava as the main character. It was released on 27 December 2019 and became the second highest-grossing film after K.G.F.

6. Ugramm

Ugramm is one of the best action-thriller films of Kannada cinema, released on 21 February 2014. The film stars Srimurali and Haripriya in the lead roles, directed by Prashanth Neel. The action-packed performance of Srimurali as Agasthya in the movies has won the heart of many people. Agasthya witness a girl raped by a group of goons and decide to protect the girl.

7. Raajakumara

Raajakumara is an action drama Kannada film directed and written by Santhosh Ananddram. The film features Puneeth Rajkumar and Priya Anand as the main cast. It follows an adopted son, a kind-hearted man who takes care of his father’s business. It received positive reviews from the critics and audience and was released on 24 March 2017.

8. Mufti

Mufti is a neo-noir action thriller Kannada film starring Shiva Rajkumar and Sriimurali in the lead roles. Directed by Narthan, the film was released on 1 December 2017 and received praise from the audience. It follows a police officer who goes into a place taken over by a don, where his safety is not guaranteed.

9. Tagaru

Tagaru was directed and written by Duniya Soori and starred Shiva Rajkumar, Bhavana, and Manvitha in the lead roles. The film follows Shiva, a kind-hearted man who takes an oath to eliminate sinners from society. The film got praised for its brilliant screenplay, direction, creative cinematography, and promising music.

Navagraha is an action thriller Kannada film directed and written by Dinakar Thoogudeepa. The film was released on 7 November 2008 and starred Darshan and Sharmila Mandre in the lead roles. The story of the film revolves around a gang who tries to steal AMBARI’s sacred and royal thing crafted from 750 kg gold.


These top 10 Sandalwood action movies are defiantly worth your time. If you still haven’t watched these action movies, you can give them a try.


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