Sandalwood Stars And Their Attempt At Voice-overs

Sandalwood Stars And Their Attempt At Voice-overs Kannada Article

We all love our stars for their onscreen charisma, talent, physique, way of expressing sentiments, doing actions, comedy etc. But they have also proved that they are also good voiceover artists. In fact, some are in high demand for their voices and lucid diction not only in front of the big screen but also behind the scenes. Well, let’s see some of the Kannada artists who had tried their luck in voiceover.


Sudeep has done some power-packed performances in his career. And he didn’t stop with that. Sudeep has a deep voice and it suits well for the films that he takes over as voice over artist. His voice is famous all over India. He has given voiceover for films like Ricky, Apoorva, Chakravyuha, and Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna.

Ramesh Aravind

Ramesh Aravind is an actor par excellence and he has done a good job in direction too. His voice modulation is good and that has been appreciated by one and all. He does magic with his voice and that has been best utilized with voice-over for films like Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu and Eno Onthara.

Sai Kumar

Sai Kumar is a famous Telugu actor who has given his voice for many actors. He has also acted in several Kannada films. However, he has given his voice only to the Kannada films which are remakes of Telugu films.

Upendra Rao

Upendra has a distinct style of filmmaking and is one of the most sought-after voices of Kannada film industry. He lucidity in speech is highly commendable and he has given voices to films like Om and Tharle Nan Maga.

'P. Ravi Shanker'

P Ravi Shanker, who has given some blockbuster films in Kannada, has given voiceover for Muddu Manase. He is also a famous dubbing artist.