Most Romantic Movies In Sandalwood

Most Romantic Movies In Sandalwood Kannada Article

Romance is inseparable from movies. Any movie, even horror genre movies will have romance in them. But most of the time romance is mixed with other genres. Pure romantic movies are very rare. Though they make many romantic movies, most of them won’t be appreciated by the audience. Here is set of movies which are successful in reaching out to the audience through their romance.

1. Mungaru Male

Mungaru Male, directed by Yograj Bhat is the first movie in Kannada Film Industry to have run for one whole year in the multiplexes. The reason behind it being, the dialogues of the movie are so moving that any person will fall in love with the movie. It shouldn’t be missed by any audience who like romantic films.

2. ‘ Milana

Starring Puneeth Rajkumar and Parvathi Menon in the lead roles; this movie has created a strong impression on the audiences’ minds. The performance of all the actors and the story line add up to the success of this movie. It has been rated the second in the most romantic movies list.

3. Krishnan Love Story

Krishnan Love Story was directed by Shashank and collected an amount tree times its budget. Starring Ajay Rao and Radhika Pandit in the lead roles, it is an action drama film. It’s a movie which entertains the whole family.

4. Sanju Weds Geeta

Sanju Weds Geeta was directed by Nagashekar. This is a purely romantic film and has attracted a huge number of the audience nationwide. Starring Srinagara Kitty and Ramya in the lead roles, their chemistry on screen has made everyone fall in love with this movie. Its songs have been the title track of many real life love stories.

5. ‘ Mynaa

Mynaa was directed by Nagashekar and has been a hit among the audience. Its title song has touched many hearts. Starring a newcomer Chethan Kumar and a renowned actress Nithya Menon, it has been a hit among the Kannada audience.

6. Simple Aag Ond Love Story

Directed by Suni, it was a low budget movie. All the artists in the movie being newcomers, this movie was an experiment to bring out a new kind of movie. It was one of the blockbusters in the Kannada Industry.