Kannada Actors Who Are Also Playback Singers

Kannada Actors Who Are Also Playback Singers Kannada Article

Actors have always tried their luck in playback singing, and it only adds to the excitement of the fans. Kannada film industry also has its share of actors singing for their movies since the times of 'Dr. Rajkumar'. Nowadays, the Sandalwood actors are multi-faceted and leave no stone unturned in proving their mettle in several departments of filmmaking. Well, here is a list of current top 5 Kannada actors who are also good playback singers.

Puneeth Rajkumar

It is no surprise that Puneeth tops this list. He has an enviable list of playback singing to his credit. Since his first song Baana Dariyalli in 1981, he has been singing for his films with aplomb. Puneeth has been singing since his childhood days. It is to be noted that Dr. Rajkumar, the father of Power Star Puneeth, has also done playback singing for his films. Puneeth doesn’t sing only for his movies; he also lends his voice to other actors including Shiva Rajkumar and Ganesh. When Puneeth is not busy with his acting work, he keeps himself engaged in singing. Bahaddur, Adhyaksha, Krishna Leela, Aryan, etc., are some of the films for which he lent his powerful voice. His songs never fail to capture the attention of the audiences.

' Upendra Rao'

Upendra has proved that he is a versatile actor by taking up direction, acting and singing with equal panache. Real star Upendre ventured into singing right from the start of his film career. And yes, his list of songs show that he is very much at ease singing lively songs. He has some good numbers in Lava Kusha, Buddhivantha, Super, Joggaiah, etc.

Shiva Rajkumar

This brother of Puneeth Rajkumar is no less when it comes to singing. Shivanna has been doing playback singing for many years and singing romantic numbers is his forte. Who would forget the evergreen song Mani Mani sung by this star? This hat trick hero surely knows how to attract the audience through his lively songs.

' Sudeep'

Sudeep has a distinct voice that has made Sandalwood producers rope him for singing. Gooli, Veera Madakari, Vaale and Kempe Gowda are some of the films that Kiccha Sudeep lent his voice to.

' Yash'

Yash is the new face of Sandalwood. Agree? Well, which famous actor is not fascinated by singing? Yash too tried his luck in playback singing for Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari and the recently released Masterpiece. And yes, he managed to turn successful as a playback singer too.