Top Ten Worst Ads Of This Century

Top Ten Worst Ads Of This Century  Hindi Article

Some advertisements evoke curiosity, interest, and even nostalgia if they are a few years old. But some fail to reach the mark and instead annoy the viewer by repeatedly showing up on screen. This century saw some of the worst ads in advertising history. And the worst part is, they are still aired on TV!

10) Fair And Lovely Click to look into! >> Read More... Fair And Lovely


This is one ad that aired since the last century itself. But the newest versions of this ad are annoying, especially the comparisons between the fair and dark skin. Yami Goutam endorses this ad just because she's fair and doesn't need a Fair And Lovely tube! But what about people who are insecure about their skin tone?

9) Dettol


What's more annoying that children talking? Children who are singing! That too they don't sing melodiously, but in this ad, they just chant "Dettol Dettol ho." A disinfectant doesn't need such endorsement; people will buy it if someone places it within their line of vision in supermarkets!

8) 'Uncle ka TV dhaba!'


Another ad which has children annoying chiming this one sentence. It's not even pleasant to listen to, it is illogical and loud; wonder why they don't ban such commercials. Thankfully, it's no longer aired on TV as an advertisement, or else only God can help us get through the intervals.

7) Ching's Chinese


Ranveer Singh Ranveer Singh Bhavnani is an Indian movie actor wh >> Read More... Ranveer Singh appeared in some of these ads, singing "My name is Ranveer Ching!" Although the first few times the ad was bearable, when he appeared in the next ad, dressed as a woman, he looked pathetic and made everyone cringe at his appearance.


6) Snickers


The whole point of this ad is ridiculous, that people throw tantrums like celebrities when they're hungry. Why not just show the viewers how delicious this chocolate is by showing them how they make it, instead of throwing Sonam Kapoor's face on TV. Would people notice her or Snickers?

5) OLX


Kapil Sharma Kapil Sharma was born in a small town of Amritsa >> Read More... Kapil Sharma may have grabbed attention when he endorsed this app, because of his status with the audience. But enough of listening to this all day long! Not everyone wants to sell stuff from their homes! Also, he looks dumb dressed up as every appliance he's selling.

4) Cadbury Eclairs

This doesn't even cost 2 rupees, but it pops up on screens, begging to be bought. It is so tasty that it bursts in your head. What, a single piece does that? And it is even shown how it happens in one's head, which is too much of exaggeration!

3) Colgate

From Priyanka to Preity to Kajal, all of them speak the same one line, "does your toothpaste have salt in it." It was alright the first time, but when they remade it many times, it got irksome. But it was always annoying, and there was no need to exaggerate toothpaste to this extent.

2) Jack And Jones

Starring Ranveer Singh yet again, in another horrible ad! This time, he is clad in a Jack and Jones suit, with a woman whom he slung over his shoulder like a sling bag, saying, "Take your work home." It carried a volley of inappropriate messages across the country.

1) Airtel 4G

This is one of the most famous ads not because it is good but so annoying that the girl in the ad, Sasha Chettri Sasha Chettri is an actor. She was born in Dehradu >> Read More... Sasha Chettri , is nationally hated as well. Her appearance on TV induces the viewer to change the channel at once. Whether it's the way she sells 4G or simply the way she looks that we hate her, nobody knows. But this ad needs to be cast off air soon!