Top 10 Yash Chopra Heroines Hindi Article

1.Karishma Kapoor

Karishma Kapoor’s love for Shahrukh Khan on this film introduced tears to everybody’s eyes. In this act, Karishma Kapoor acknowledges her adoration for Shahrukh and feels terrible that she’s not closest for him as he’s in love with Madhuri Dixit. One of the supreme emotional scenes from a Yash Chopra flick.

2. Preity Zinta

Veer Zaara set cross love restrictions. Preity Zinta and Shahrukh Khan delighted every person on this never visible earlier than romance. As SRK continually emphasized that if one desires to be part of a love tale, act in Yash Chopra’s movies. This saga too created a new file in Indian cinema.

3. Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif

In his latest directorial venture which alas Yash Chopra could not stay to peer, Shahrukh Khan intertwined in a web of adoration between Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. It remains to be visible who SRK finally ends up with. In spite of everything, Yash Chopra had a penchant for romance triangles. Well, this is the first time that Shahrukh and Katrina shared screen part.

4. Juhi Chawla

Darr turned into Bollywood’s romantic psycho mystery where a fanatical paramour goes to any extent to get his love, who's accidentally wedded to some other man. Though the film was approximately a ferocious lover, the amorousness from the movie is still appreciated.

5. Madhuri Dixit

Someone somewhere is made for you, the word from Yash Chopra’s Dil Toh Pagal Hai created waves among youngsters. The film portrays the love life of a professional dancer in a musical dance troupe, each having an unusual angle in the direction of love. One doesn’t agree with in love; the opposite believes love is friendship where in as the different states that a person is ready for each of them. This romantic epic provided delivery to a different era altogether.

6. Sharmila Tagore

In yet a new Yash Chopra love three-way relationship, Rajesh Khanna is in adoration with Sharmila Tagore and because of unfortunate instances, the two part ways. He later meets Rakhee and marries her till situations deliver him face to face along with his past.


Rakhee and Amitabh’s love tale in Kabhie Kabhi became heart-wrenching to pleasant describe it. As fans that part ways and marry distinctive humans, life brings them head to head all over again to confront their past. Waheeda Rehman is thankfully wedded to Amitabh & Shashi Kapoor is married to Rakhee.


This movie changed into ahead of its times. On this epic love story, Sridevi was at her humorous and captivating beautiful as she performed dual roles of an older and younger female in love with one man: Anil Kapoor. Set in opposition to the backdrop of Rajasthan, Sridevi tries throughout the film to woo Anil Kapoor who is in love with her mom and is tons older to her. As they are saying, strive, until you be fruitful. And that’s what took place with Sridevi inside the film.

9.Rekha and Jaya

This movie genuinely introduced out the utmost love three-way relationship in the olden times of Indian cinema stated to be encouraged by way of the actual existence tale and the love triangle among Amitabh, Rekha, and Jaya.

10. Sridevi

As one of Yash Chopra’s typical love stories Rishi Kapoor Sridevi starred Chandni conveyed out the greatness, understanding, desire and insanity about two paramours who were intended to be together.