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Author: Prabhnoor Kaur
Top 10 Movies Of ​Asin Hindi Article

Asin Thottumkal Asin Thottumkal more famously known as Asin, is a >> Read More... Asin Thottumkal , also known by the name Asin, is a famous Indian actress who predominately appeared in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu films. She was born on the 26th of October 1985, in Cochin, Kerala. She made her film debut with Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka in 2001 at the early age of fifteen. She is also a fine Bharatanatyam dancer. She has appeared in many films and won numerous awards. She can speak eight languages and is the recipient of three Filmfare Awards. Following are some of her best movies.    

1. Ready

Ready is a Hindi-language romantic-masala movie released in 2011. Anees Bazmee Anees Bazmee was born in the place of Modasa, Guja >> Read More... Anees Bazmee directed the film, which starred Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan , Asin Thottumkai, Paresh Rawal The Padma Shri award winner who shot to fame with >> Read More... Paresh Rawal , and others. The film begins with Prem helping his friend Khushi to marry her beloved against her father’s wish. His family fixes a marriage with a girl named Pooja, but Sanjana, who is escaping from his uncle’s guard, hears about Pooja and pretends to be her because Prem and his family have never seen Pooja. Sanjana’s uncles Amar and Suraj want to marry her to their sons to take over her property.

2. Ghajini

Ghajini is an Indian Hindi-language action-romance movie released on the 25th of December 2008. The film’s director was A.R. Murugadoss, and it was produced under Geetha Arts. The film starred Aamir Khan Aamir Khan or Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan is Bolly >> Read More... Aamir Khan , Asin, Pradeep Rawat Pradeep Rawat, is known for his villainous roles >> Read More... Pradeep Rawat , Sunil Grover Sunil Grover is a stand-up comedian and a talented >> Read More... Sunil Grover , and others. The story begins with a medical student, Sunita, who studies the case of Sanjay Singhania, an anterograde amesia patient. Sanjay is a foreign return who takes over his father’s business in India. He falls in love with Kalpana without letting her know he is Sanjay Singhania. Later, he and Kalpana were attacked by a goon named Ghajini, in which Kalpana died.

3. Khiladi 786

Khiladi 786 is a Hindi-language action comedy-romance movie released on the 7th of December 2012. The film’s director was Ashish R. Mohan, and it was produced under HR Musik Limited and Hari Om Entertainment Co. The film starred , Asin, Mithun Chakraborty When we talk about the few legends in the Indian f >> Read More... Mithun Chakraborty , Himesh Reshammiya Intro: Himesh Reshammiya got his stardom after win >> Read More... Himesh Reshammiya , Raj Babbar Raj Babbar is an actor turned politician. He is re >> Read More... Raj Babbar , and others. The story depicts a successful matchmaker, Champaklal Desai, whose business starts declining when Mansukh, his son, joins. He was thrown out of the house by his father. He developed a strong desire to do matchmaking. He tries to arrange the marriage of Bahattar Singh with a goon’s daughter, Indu.


4. Housefull 2

Housefull 2 is the second installment of the comedy-romance movie Housefull. It was released on the 5th of April 2012. The film’s director was Sajid Khan Sajid Khan is a Bollywood director, producer and e >> Read More... Sajid Khan , and it was produced under Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. The film starred Akshay Kumar, John Abraham Like some of our sexy stars, John Abraham has had >> Read More... John Abraham , Asin, Jacqueline Fernandez Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the top actresses i >> Read More... Jacqueline Fernandez , and others. The story depicts Max, Sunny, and Jai are best friends and study together in a college. One day at the farewell party, Sonia, Max’s girlfriend, tries to make relation with Sunny. When he catches them, Sonia lies that he is harassing her. It led to a big fight between Max and Sunny.


5. Bol Bachchan Click to look into! >> Read More... Bol Bachchan

Bol Bachchan is an Indian Hindi-language action-comedy movie released on the 6th of July 2012. The film’s director was Rohit Shetty Rohit Shetty is a famous Director in Bollywood who >> Read More... Rohit Shetty , and it was produced under Ajay Devgn FFilms and Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision. The film starred Abhishek Bachchan Abhishek Bachchan, or Abhishek Srivastava, is a ve >> Read More... Abhishek Bachchan , Asin, Ajay Devgn, Krishna Abhishek Krishna Abhishek is a famous Indian actor, popular >> Read More... Krishna Abhishek , and others. The story depicts Abbas Ali Abbas Ali is an Indian gym trainer. He trains Indi >> Read More... Abbas Ali , who lives with his sister in Delhi. He loses his job, and his father’s family friend suggests him to move to his village. He assures him that he will surely get an appointment with the help of Prithviraj.


6. Kaavalan

Kaavalan is an Indian Tamil-language action-romance movie released on the 14th of January 2011. The film’s director was Siddique, which was produced under Ekaveera Creations. The film starred Vijay, Asin, and Mithra Kurian Mithra Kurian is a film actress from Kerala. She >> Read More... Mithra Kurian in lead roles. The story depicts a wealthy powerful landlord, Murhuramalingam, who is an idol for Bhoominathan. He accepts the job as his bodyguard at the request of his parents. Muthuramalingam’s rival desperately wants his blood because his son rejected his daughter’s proposal, and later, she committed suicide.


7. Pokkiri

Pokkiri is a Tamil-language action-romance movie released on the 12th of January 2007. The film’s director was Prabhu Deva Story soon >> Read More... Prabhu Deva , and it was produced under Kanagarathna Movies. The film starred Asin, Vijay, and Prakash Raj Prakash Raj, born on 26th of March, 1965, as Praka >> Read More... Prakash Raj in lead roles. The story begins in the city of Chennai which is disturbed due to land Mafias. There are two rival groups, one under control of Dubai’s Ali Bhai, and another is controlled by a local gangster, Narasimhan.


8. All Is Well Click to look into! >> Read More... All Is Well

All is Well is an Indian Hindi-language comedy-romance movie released on the 21st of August 2015. The film’s director was Umesh Shukla Umesh Shukla is an Indian actor, writer, dialogue >> Read More... Umesh Shukla , and it was produced under T-Series and Alchemy Productions. The film starred Asin, Abhishek Bachchan, Supriya Pathak Supriya Pathak is an Indian actress who has been r >> Read More... Supriya Pathak , and Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor is an actor born in the prominent Kap >> Read More... Rishi Kapoor in lead roles. The story depicts Inder Bhalla, who wants to be a song composer. He is thrown out of the house by his father, who is a bakery owner. His father wants him to work in his bakery, but he gives due importance to his ambition.


9. Varalaru

Varalaru is an Indian Tamil-language action comedy-romance movie released on the 20th of October 2006. The film’s director was K.S. Ravi Kumar Ravi Kumar is an Indian Photographer best known fo >> Read More... Ravi Kumar , and it was produced under NIC Arts. The movie starred Asin, Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar is a prominent Tamil film actor, model >> Read More... Ajith Kumar , and Kaniha in lead roles. The story depicts Shivashankar, a millionaire who sends his son to Thottapuram to help the poor. His son Vishnu doesn’t want to go, but a pizza shop owner convinces him and his friend that the village is a brothel.

10. Vel

Vel is an Indian Tamil-language action-drama movie released on the 8th of November 2007. The film’s director was Hari, and it was produced under Sree Rajakaalaiamman Medias. The film starred Asin, Suriya, Vadivelu, and Kalabhavan Mani Kalabhavan Mani is a renowned Indian playback sing >> Read More... Kalabhavan Mani in lead roles. The story depicts a couple, Thiyagarajan and Sharadha. They have twins but lose one while traveling to Chennai. The child was abandoned by theft for his golden chain and left at the door of a rich landlord. He was raised by them and became a detective.