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Top 10 Hindi Shows With A College Setting

Author: Madhura Ghosh Dastidar
Top 10 Hindi Shows With A College Setting Hindi Article

School and college days are some of the best days of our lives, as we create many memorable and unforgettable memories with our friends, some good and some bad. Those are the days where we meet our first love, crush, or life partner. And someday, when we randomly come across the pictures, all the old memories and flashbacks are revived, followed by a faint smile dancing on our lips. Are you new to college and ready to start your new journey? Or are you the one who wants to reminisce about the old and beautiful memories you created in your college days? Then, here in this post, I have listed the top 10 best college-based shows that will surely take you on a nostalgic trip.

1. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 

The MTV show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, which aired in 2014, was among the most popular shows of that time. The story covers every aspect of college student lives, starting with ragging, friendships, relationships, and heartbreaks. It shows the problems a person faces during their college days and how strongly they need to tackle every problem that comes their way. Also, it revolves around a newly found yet eternal love story of Manik and Nandini, popularly known as Manan, and how the monster Manik changes into a lover boy for his lady love is a treat to watch. With the recent release of its two new seasons, it has total five seasons available on Jio Cinema.

2.  Sadda Haq >> Read More... Sadda Haq

Sadda Haq was aired on Channel V India in 2013. The story revolves around Sanyukta Aggarwal and Randhir Singh Shekhawat. Sanyukta is a talented girl who has a dream to pursue mechanical engineering. But because of her conservative family, she has to face many problems to fulfill her dreams. Randhir is a genius and believes that he is the best. He has a narrow thinking that mechanical engineering is not for girls. It is full of twists and turns as the story proceeds.

3.  Dil Dosti Dance Haritha is a TV actress. She started her acting ca >> Read More... Dil Dosti Dance

Dil Dosti Dance is a dance-based youth TV show aired on Channel V India in 2011. The story starts with Kria, who is determined to achieve her dream of dancing and reach Mumbai with her mother. She took admission at St. Louis College, and on her first day, she found that the college has two groups “Dazzling and Weaklings”. The former is for rich kids, while the latter one is for talented kids who are commoners. It is the only television-based youth show that ran for the longest span of time, that is, four years.


4. Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani

Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani is India’s first youth-based supernatural show, aired on Star One in 2010. The story starts with an orphan girl, Piya, who was abandoned by her father when she was young. She took admission to Mount College through a scholarship, where she met Panchi and Misha and later learned they were her step-sisters. As the story proceeds, many truths unfold.


5. Miley Jab Hum Tum

Miley Jab Hum Tum is a youth-based Indian television show aired on Star On in 2008 and is now available on Disney+Hotstar. The story revolves around two sisters, Nupur and Gunjan, where the former is an extrovert and the latter is an introvert. They took admission at Excel College, based in Mumbai, to fulfill their dreams.


6. Navya Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal

Aired on Star Plus in 2011, Navya Naye Dhadkan Naye Sawaal is a youth-based daily soap that revolves around two college-going students, Navya Mishra and Anant Bajpal. Navya belongs to a middle-class family, while Anant is a rich guy who belongs to a renowned family. As the story proceeds, love blooms between them, but the story doesn’t end there. They had to face many obstacles once they got married.


7. Best Friends Forever?

Best Friend Forever is a teen-based television show aired on Channel V India in 2012 and comprise 140 episodes. The story revolves around Sanjana, Ela, and Vinnie, who have been best friends since childhood and study at the same college. One day, a guy named Varun took admission to their college, and he confessed his love to Ela, which annoyed Sanjana. But the problem starts when he commits suicide.


8. The Buddy Project

The Buddy Project is an Indian television show aired on Channel V India in 2012. The story revolves around eight students, KD, Kiya, Ranveer, Panchi, Piddi, Samar, Juhi, and Bobby, students of the Royal Academy mischieveous actions are degrading the name and fame of the Royal Academy until an old alumnus, Aniruddh Jaitley, formerly known as ‘ Junglee Click to look into! >> Read More... Junglee ’ for his mischievous behavior, comes to save its reputation with ‘The Buddy Project’.


9.  Warrior High Warrior High was a youth show. It was created by V >> Read More... Warrior High !

The MTV show Warrior High, aired in 2015, is based on boarding school life and showcases the lifestyle, friendships, and relationships between the rich students and the students who took admission through scholarships. The story starts with three orphan children, Niti, Utkarsh, and Siyali, who are childhood friends and got scholarships to study at Warrior High, a Dehradun-based boarding school.

10. Suvreen Guggal- Topper Of The Year

Suvreen Guggal- Topper of the year was aired on Channel V India in 2012. It is a college-based drama that revolves around a high school topper, Suvreen Guggal, who took admission to Devendra Pratap Singh College, one of the most prestigious colleges in Delhi, to become a successful fashion designer. But as she reaches this big city, she faces many problems in her path to fulfilling her dreams and realize there is more to uncover.