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Dil Dosti Dance Hindi Tv serials on Channel v
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Dil Dosti Dance is a well-known Indian serial that premiered in 2011 on Channel V. It is a drama serial that majorly consists of youths in the lead. The serial focuses on the lives of a few college students as they experience Love (Dil) and Friendship (Dosti) because of their shared passion for Dance. It is available on the Disney+ Hotstar app. Dil Dosti Dance presents the life of Kria Ghai as she moves to Mumbai with her mom for her education at St. Louis College. Kria is a fun-loving, confident, dance enthusiast girl. In her initial days at college she got along well with a few mates; however, she soon got in a fight with Reyansh Singhania aka Rey.

Kria instantly rivaled Rey, the general secretary and Sharon Rai, Cultural Secretary. Moving ahead, Kria found that the college has an official dance group called the ‘Dazzlers’ . However, it consisted of the individuals she fought with a few days ago. Kria gets bullied by the Dazzlers, except for Rey. Later, Kria befriends Swayam who has a massive crush on Sharon, however when he expressed his feelings to her, she rejected him. Swayam is not a part of the Dazzlers because he is a weakling. Thus, Kria and Swayam decide to form their dance group with other mates and call it the ‘Weaklings’. Later, Rey and Kria start talking again and get along well. However, Sharon turns jealous of their budding friendship. 

The story escalates during Valentine’s week when Sharon creates a misunderstanding between Kria and Rey, which ends up with her slapping Rey. After that, the rivalry between the two dance groups increases. The arrival of Professor Malik takes the rivalry to its end. The professor tries to get the two groups to reconcile by assigning them tasks and activities. During one such activity of confession, Rey realizes about the misunderstanding created by Sharon and begins to get distant with her. The two groups reconcile with each other. However, after Professor Malik leaves the college, a new turn of events and drama occurs. What will happen next? Watch the serial to find out.

Dil Dosti Dance is a Hindi-language serial. It was written by Palki Malhotra Palki Malhotra, with her hardworking nature, has c >> Read More... , Priya, Ramanathan, and Apeksha. The serial is directed by Vikram Labhe Vikram Labhe is a director who aims at producing r >> Read More... , Sunith Pillai, Anirudh Rajderkar, Rajeev Raj Rajeev Raj is a Hindi actor who is known for his e >> Read More... , and Hemant Mishra Hemant Mishra is one of India's best-known the >> Read More... . The lead cast of the serial includes Kunwar Amar Kunwar Amarjeet Singh…the name sounds like a bit o >> Read More... as Reyansh "Rey" Singhania, Shakti Mohan Shakti Mohan is an Indian actress who predominantl >> Read More... as Kria Ghai, Shantanu Maheshwarii as Swayam Shekhawat,  and Sneha Kapoor/Vrushika Mehta as Sharon Rai Prakash.


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