Top 10 Funny Movies That Are Famous On Insta Meme Sites

Top 10 Funny Movies That Are Famous On Insta Meme Sites English Article

"Jal Lijiye," How funny is that? This movie was dead serious! This is a fun part of the current meme community on social media - Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

Bollywood movies are a tremendous source of entertainment and so are funny memes.


Both are different means of entertainment. Then some movies gave us the best meme templates. We have compiled ten such Bollywood movies.

Priyadarshan movies are excellent purveyors of memes. As much as the plot makes us laugh, so are their memes. Mein Hu expert from Chup Chup Ke Click to look into! >> Read More... Chup Chup Ke , Merko Sab Aata Hai by Rajpal Yadav Rajpal Yadav, the hilarious Indian movie actor, ac >> Read More... Rajpal Yadav is hilarious.

Majnu Bhai image meme from Welcome- movies is full of memes. The Majnu Bhai image meme from Welcome is so funny; has a donkey over a horse! It doesn't make sense, but it's funny.


Again, this a funny meme from a serious movie: The situation in the movie was deep, but the meme made us laugh! Mujhe Ghar Jana Hai Alia Bhatt's face from Raazi is so funny.

Social media is turning the deep scene into a funny meme again! Jitna Bhi Try Karo Bunny from Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani is hilarious.


Indian meme industry is as talented and creative as Indian cinema and the above memes are proof of that. Need more proof? Watch the following movies and find your favorite memes in them!

Here is a list of the top 10 funny movies that are famous on Insta Meme sites 



1. Welcome

Along with the funniest movie, Welcome also gave us the best meme template. The image of Majnu Bhai made us laugh in the film and as a meme. "Ab Ghodo Ke Race Mey Gadhe Bhi Dodehenge" is the funniest and most adaptable meme template. From Majnu Bhai's special glasses to many witty dialogues, Welcome has given us the most comical memes. Seriously, as funny as the movies were, the memes are the funniest.

Welcome Movie memes | Week In Memes


2. Phir Hera Pheri Click to look into! >> Read More... Phir Hera Pheri

Akshay Kumar and meme templates go hand in hand, just like Akshay Kumar and stunts. The iconic film- Phir Hera Pheri is full of social media meme templates. Every dialogue and every scene is worth a meme. Even the simple Raju standing scene is meme material. Priyadarshan movies are a great source of memes.

Hera Pheri Meme Templates - Indian Meme Templates


3. Bhagam Bhaag

Priyadarshan movies are the funniest and hence the best memes. Bhagam Bhaag is one such movie. Along with the most comical scenes, it provides humorous memes. Literally, to the point!


4. Heropanti

Heropanti dialogue "Chhoti Bachchi Ho Kya?" became the most widespread meme on social media. It's funny how sobering the scene was in the movie, but the meme is the funniest thing in social media life. OMG, the funniest. What do you think? Condom brand shares cheeky tweak of Tiger Shroff's 'Heropanti' line 'choti  bachi ho kya?'; fans goes berserk | Trending News – India TV

5. Sui Dhaga

Anushka Sharma's sitting and exciting scenes in Sui Dhaga were the funniest meme templates. They were trending when only the trailer was released. Please, that was an era. Anushka, really? HAHAHA, you are the funniest.

6. Vivaah

Vivaah is a drama film without any special funny scenes or dialogues but still managed to give us funny memes. The "Aap Thak Gaye Honge, Jal Lelijiye" meme template is versatile and has made us laugh many times. OMG, the best! This whole movie was terrible. The only good thing about the movie Vivaah is the memes.

Jal Lijiye Meme Template - Indian Meme Templates

7. Gangs Of Wasseypur

Along with excellent acting and script, Gangs Of Wasseypur is the best source of hilarious meme templates. Every scene in it is worth a meme. Funniest and funniest.

8. Sholay

Sholay, the Bollywood cult classic, is also a provider of the funniest meme templates. Sholay is a drama film with many hilarious dialogues and scenes. As iconic as the movie Sholay is, the memes are super funny. We love them both, how about you? Yeh haath humko de de thakur - Indian Meme Templates

9. Nayak

Nayak is a film on a serious subject and yet it managed to give us great memes. Again, deep scenes in the movie made us laugh like a meme. OMG, the funniest.

12 Viral Meme Templates From Nayak - The Iconic Anil Kapoor Starrer Movie!

10. Chup Chup Ke

Another Priyadarshan hit movie, Chup Chup Ke is an excellent source of meme templates. From "Jabba" to "Mujhhe Sab Aata Hai, Mey Expert Hu," every meme makes us laugh. Rajpal Yadav's meme faces and dialogues are what we crave, right? Mai Expert Hu - Hindi Meme Templates