Top 10 Bollywood Movies Having Best Background Scores

Top 10 Bollywood Movies Having Best Background Scores Hindi Article

The first name that gets into our head after reading the title is A.R. Rahman. He has contributed the most in the field with numerous hits. Top 10 of such movies are:


1 . Rockstar


Music of A.R.Rahman beyond doubt justifies the film and the character of Jordan, a rockstar. One can connect to the film because of its music. Each of its songs are uniquely composed and created. The entire album has been grandly composed. It also has various instrumental sequences.

2 . Dhoom series


The music has become quite famous over the years that people even started keeping that tune in their automotive’s horns. You just cannot enjoy the movie in mute. The action sequence and the run and chase part of the film are best enjoyed at full volume. The music takes effect to another level and it is the music which leaves an impact of the scenes on us.


3 . Taal

Yet another musical composition of A.R.Rahman. It was a super hit album then, and its songs are liked even today. The instrumentals are so pure and a true classic. The film has received numerous awards in various award functions for its music and scores.

4. Gupt

This is a mystery thriller of the 90s directed by Rajiv Rai Rajiv Rai is a multifaceted legend in the field of >> Read More... Rajiv Rai . It has immense background scores compared to that of those days composed by Viju Shah Vijay Kalyanji Shah aka Viju Shah (Born 5 June 195 >> Read More... Viju Shah . It was the music that helped the film in depicting its thrill.

5. Hum dil de chuke sanam

It is a traditional classic film showing Gujarati culture with garbas. The music directors Ismail Darbar Intro: Ismail Darbar is known for his expertise wi >> Read More... Ismail Darbar and Anjan Biswas have worked so hard on the album, and it is one of their best films. From dholi taro to albela sajan, the album is unbeatable in its genre.

6. Swadesh

A.R. Rahman once again! The music awakens the patriot in you. It gives you an immense feeling of pride and love for your country. The lines tu jaaye kahin jaaye..tu lot ke aayega just nailed it and is very identifiable by Indians even today .

7. Guru

The zeal of the business man is felt by the audience through its music. The guru bhai aavya che score surely gives us goose bumps. It is difficult to compose scores for movies of such genre.

8. Udaan

The music is soft and soothing. It gives you a pleasant feeling. No bang bangs and loud thuds. Amit Trivedi Amit Rivedi is a phenomenal musician of the Bollyw >> Read More... Amit Trivedi is the music director. Kahani khatam hai, ya shuruat hone ko hai, the songs are well written along with decent music which makes it a perfect combination.

9. Barfi

It is a challenging and risky task to create music for such films where the characters play deaf and dumb. The scores have to be good and should connect to people. Pritam indeed has done a great job with the same. You just love watching the scenes with all music and no dialogues.

10. Piku

The young Bengali music director, Anupam Roy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anupam Roy pleases you with his music. He adds on to the ‘bengaliness’ of the film. Its journey song was a hit and became popular in no time.