Top 10 Bollywood Love Stories Which Kept People Confused!!

Top 10 Bollywood Love Stories Which Kept People Confused!! Hindi Article

Bollywood has many reel love stories along with some real love stories as well. The audience is not only interested in the reel ones but also in the real ones. Knowing about our stars keeps us close to them and know about their love life keeps us bonded to them. Here are some stars with some such stories.

1) Karan Patel - Ankita Bhargava / Karan Patel - Kamya Panjabi

Karan and Kamya had a wealthy long term relationship but they had to part their ways. The so-called reason behind it was known to be Ankita Bhargava. Later Ankita made a social statement clarifying that she was not involved in the breakup and met Karan after their break up. A few days later, Karan announced his wedding with Ankita which left everyone with a huge shock.

2) Jennifer Winget Karan Singh Grover / Bipasha Basu – Karan Singh Grover

Karan Singh Grover is known to be the most popular Casanova TV boys, with a lot of relationships and lots of gossips leaving behind he is known for frequent relations. Their on-screen chemistry led to their off-screen marriage in 2012. In 2016 the couple got apart because of Karan being disloyal and moving towards Bipasha.

3) Rahul Mahajan Monica Bedi / Rahul Mahajan – Payal Rohatgi

Another Casanova Rahul Mahajan came up with a confused love story as the partner here was difficult to be decided. Before he was a contestant of Bigg Boss he was known to be dating Payal. But in the Bigg Boss house, he was seen with chemistry with Monica. After had Monica left the house Rahul was back to Payal and after re-entrance of Monica, Rahul wanted to be with her again. Being in love with Monica he proposed her to marriage which she denied.

4) Veena Malik Ashmit Patel / Sara Khan – Ashmit Patel

Sara Khan and Ashmit Patel was the loving couple of Bigg Boss season 4. They were assumed to be inseparable. As Sara left the house Ashmit was attracted towards Veena and share of a bond was also seen. Soon when Sara returned she was said to be Veena’s little sister. After all of this Sara married Ali Merchant.

5) Sana Khan Vishal Karwal / Vishal karwal - Karishma Kotak

Sana Khan and Vishal were long known friends before they came to Bigg Boss house. Vishal had even tried to be a part of Sana’s life and as Sana said Vishal also chased her before the show. Later when Karishma came to the house he was attracted to Karishma and Sana was left alone by him.

6) Sushant Singh Rajput - Ankita Lokhande / Sushant Singh Rajput - Kriti Sanon

People were waiting for the loved couple Sushant and Ankita to tie knots when in May 2016, they ended their relationship. The reason was said to be Ankita’s drinking habit while Sushant cleared it away. Since then rumors said that Kriti and Sushant were coming close. But no one of them came forward to be clear but rather said not to chit chat about their private lives. But their pictures steaming social with each other while hanging together promote the talks further.

7) Karishma Tanna - Rushabh Choksi / Karishma Tanna - Upen Patel

Karishma’s and Rushab’s healthy relation came to an end when she entered the Bigg Boss house. Upen and Karishma initially became good friends but later the things changed. Upen expressed his feelings for Karishma on national TV and Karishma happily agreed to it and said was further looking towards a happy future. This automatically meant that she dumped Rushab by accepting the newer offer.

8) Gauhar Khan Kushal Tandon / Gauhar Khan – Ajaz Khan

Gauhar and Kushal fell in deep sweet love on entering in the Bigg Boss house. Everything seemed to be quite good until Ajaz entered the house. He said he had a motive which was to separate the duo ( Kushal + Gauhar ). The so-called love war continued in Khatron Ke Khiladi season 5 as well but Ajaz failed in his motive however the love birds grew apart after some time.

9) Narayani Shastri - Gaurav Chopra / Gaurav Chopra - Mouni Roy

Narayani and Gaurav were known as a happy couple and dated for a long time. But things went wrong later on and they both parted ways. The rumors said that reason behind this was Gaurav’s closeness to Mouni. Gaurav and Mouni met during a dance reality show named Zara Nachke Dikha. As said by rumors they came close during the show. But after the break-up, Gaurav and Narayani remained good friends, which led Mouni to take up tensions.

10) Gaurav Chopra - Mouni Roy / Mouni Roy - Mohit Raina

A four-year happy relationship came to an end when Gaurav and Mouni parted their ways. When Mouni shared the screen with Mohit Rana, They came close and this became a reason for dispute among the couple Gaurav and Mouni. Mouni who earlier claimed to marry Gaurav in future started to deny her relationship status and all this led to verbal fights among them. Finally, Gaurav and Mouni went away from each other. So our favorite celebs not only have some reel life stories but also have some real life stories. These were some famous love triangles which kept people wondering for a long time.